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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

erry Lewis MDA Telethon Opening Number by Chloe

Watch "Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon Opening Number by Chloe
Arnold" on YouTube

In a tribute to America, the opening number for the Jerry
Lewis Telethon 2008 featured 24 tap dancers from all over
the U.S.
Produced by Anita Mann Productions.
Choreographed by Chloe Arnold (
Cast of Dancers- Chloe Arnold Maud Arnold Jared Grimes Ted
Levy Sarah Reich Lee Howard Matt Shields Danny Nielson
Josette Wiggan Melinda Sullivan Amanda Mak Alaman Diadhiou
Jason Rodgers Danielle Behrens Tiernan Tunicliffe Michelle
May Kayla Zellars Myasia Fox Christopher Broughton B'jon
Carter-Burnell Kyle Jones Wesley Barnes Jack Ironstone Luke
Courtesy of EMPOWER YOUR

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