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Sunday, January 27, 2008

R.I.P. Tap Master LaVaughn Robinson

Tap Master LaVaughn Robinson
February 9,1927 - January 22, 2008

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of a
Master of Tap Dance, LaVaughn Robinson. Details regarding
services are below.
* The public viewing and funeral services will be held on
January 29, 2008.
* The viewing will be held from 9:00 to 10:00 AM.
* The funeral services will be held at 11:00 AM.
* The services will take place at The Church of the
Redeemer - Baptist
Church, 24th & Dickinson Streets, Philadelphia, PA.


LaVaughn Robinson's dance career began on a linoleum floor
in the shed kitchen of the family's South Philadelphia row
home. From the age of seven, he continued to learn steps
from most of the region's talented tap dancers. Teddy Hale
and Bill Bailey are mentors that LaVaughn readily
acknowledges. At age 66, LaVaughn Robinson is a master of
styles, gleaned from a long line of tap dancers before him.

"You could walk down South Street in those days," LaVaughn
recalls, "and meet up with the best dancers in the city. As
a youngster I put my steps to good use performing for
change on the streets of downtown and South Philadelphia."
Either he danced acapella (without instrumental
accompaniment) or he'd find a washboard and tin tub
accompanist to lay down some good rhythms. Whenever Bill
Bailey was in town performing at the Latin Casino (a
nightclub that once graced the corner of Walnut Street
between Thirteenth and Broad Streets), he would bring
LaVaughn and the other kid tap dancers inside and let them
watch his show. "Sometimes, he came outside and watched our
show," LaVaughn now remembers. "We used to sit in his
dressing room, while he talked to us about being 'good'.
His father was a reverend, you know, and Bill thought tap
dancing was very spiritual. He believed you had to
be'right' to dance. He was a big influence on my dancing, "
says Robinson.

From "buskin'" (entertaining by singing or dancing on the
streets for money), LaVaughn earned from $35 to $40 a day.
South Street was a thriving business and entertainment
district in the 1930's and '40's and people enjoyed the
novelty of watching young men exhibit new steps. LaVaughn
and the friends he danced with knew their market. Center
City and South Street was their "turf." "We used to call it
'going to work'," LaVaughn notes. "During New Year's, the
Army/Navy game and holidays Philadelphia tap dancers were
invited up to rooftops for parties. I had my regular route,
says LaVaughn, " which included spots like Palumbo's and
the Two Bit Club.

LaVaughn was featured in his first professional performance
in 1945. Over the years, he has shared the stage with Cab
Calloway, Tommy Dorsey, Maynard Ferguson, Ella Fitzgerald,
Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker. LaVaughn actively
pursued his dance career through 1972. By then, nightclub
venues which were a mainstay of most tap dancers'employment
opportunities had become nearly extinct and highly
electrified music became more popular.

Contemporary dance and folk audiences were the first to
acknowledge LaVaughn's artistry in the late 1970's. As a
dancer, he projects exuberance and an uncanny ability to
convince every audience member that they have had an
intimate conversation with this walking cultural icon. As
general appreciation and interest in tap have revived over
the past twenty years, LaVaughn has kept up a busy schedule
teaching and performing in the United States and abroad.
LaVaughn and dance partner Germaine Ingram appeared in the
PBS tap special, "Gregory Hines'Tap Dance in America." The
talent and legacy LaVaughn shares have been recognized with
awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the
Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the Pew Fellowships in
the Arts program.

[Comment: The above biographical notes and photo were taken
from the program for a LaVaughn Robinson tribute evening at
Philadelphia's Painted Bride Art Center on May 1, 1993.]

(Thanks to Sarah Reich for posting this information)
Professor Robinson's longtime dance partner, Germaine
Ingram, offered the following:
"I take comfort in the fact that LaVaughn had a long and
full life, doing what he loved until past age 75 (when he
retired). He shared his artistic gifts with thousands
through riveting performance and inspired teaching. I
rejoice in the fact that a 'street dancer' leaves us with
indelible images of eloquence."

Some online resources:
An Interview between LaVaughn Robinson and Germain Ingram.
An in depth biography posted as part of LaVaughn's 1989 NEA
National Heritage Fellowship award (a Lifetime Honor).
A biography posted as part of the Philadelphia Folklore
A biography from the International Tap Association's
Audio Interview between LaVaughn Robinson and WOR Radio
Host Joey Reynolds.
A brief biography posted as part of LaVaughn's receipt of
the 2004 Hoofer Award.
Purchase your copy of "LaVaughn Robinson Dancing History"
Net Proceeds will be donated to the Family
Email Request to

Andy Palacio Dead at 47

Andy Palacio Dead at 47


I am extremely sad to report the untimely death of Andy
Palacio in Belize on Sunday. He was 47. Andy was a
one-of-a-kind artist, a passionate advocate for the
Garifuna culture in Central America, a powerful model
worldwide for using music as a force for positive social
change, as well as a friend of mine and Banning Eyre’s. See
Banning’s tribute as well as an extended interview and
performance photographs on You may have heard
our full-hour profile of Andy on air or on demand. It is
now available again: Streaming in high resolution and low
resolution. You may have heard Andy’s sublime masterpiece
“Wátina,” which won a spot on our Top Ten honors for 2007.
“Watina” also appeared on dozens of Top Ten lists
throughout the world music community. So when all is said
and done, Andy did achieve his dream of reviving Garifuna
culture and giving it the worldwide respect it deserves.
And because of his vision and hard work, many young
Garifuna artists today are following in his footsteps.

One personal memory that puts a smile on my face is seeing
Andy on stage, leading the 70 something Garifuna singer
Paul Nabor who without fail charmed the audience. From the
side of the stage, Andy would smile as he watched Paul
bring down the house. A special word of thanks to Ivan
Duran of Stonetree Records who worked tirelessly as Andy’s
producer and co-creator of “Wátina,” And thanks to Jacob
Edgar and his team at Cumbancha for their commitment to
making “Watina” a success. It is so heartbreaking to lose
such a great artist in the prime of his life. Much respect.
Thank you, Andy. You will be in our hearts forever.

On air this week is our program “Afropop goes to Kenya,
Tanzania, and Zanzibar.” This is the first of our two part
series on East Africa.

Stay tuned next week for the fascinating Hip Deep program
about the rise of the gospel music industry in Kenya. The
gospel choirs, by the way, have been organized to encourage
Kenyans to overcome the horrible interethnic violence that
followed the recent hotly contested presidential elections

Streaming on demand is our report on the musical life of
Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

Free stuff this week: Scoop up a pair of tickets to see
Hugh Masekela or the International Hip-Hop Showcase, or win
a Fallou Dieng CD!


Sean Barlow and the Team

WOMEN IN TAP CONFERENCE: FEB 8-10, 2008 in Los Angeles!

Contact: Gayle Hooks, Jazz Tap Ensemble

310 – 475-4412

For Immediate Release



(January 18, 2008) On February 8-10, Lynn Dally, Artistic
Director, Jazz Tap Ensemble will make history again! Dally,
an adjunct professor at UCLA's Department of World Arts and
Cultures first made history as the co-founder of Jazz Tap
Ensemble, the first dance company to bring rhythm tap dance
to the concert stage with live jazz music. Now, Dally is
gathering four generations of women who are making a
difference in the world of tap dance. Women In Tap the
first ever national conference will bring together 21 tap
artists – dancers, choreographers, scholars, and writers,
and will address the contributions of these women in tap to
the renaissance of tap dance over the past 30 years. A
conference highlight is WOMEN IN TAP the THE LEGENDS, a
full evening performance featuring Dally, Brenda Bufalino,
Dianne "Lady Di" Walker, Miriam Nelson, Acia Gray, Linda
Sohl-Ellison, Heather Cornell, Michelle Dorrance, Josette
Wiggan, Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards, Chloe Arnold, Deborah
Mitchell, Terry Brock, and Barbara Duffy. Don't miss this
opportunity to see four generations of Women In Tap on
stage, at the same time, in the same place! WOMEN IN TAP
will take place on the UCLA Campus, Glorya Kaufman Hall,
February 8-10, 2008. For information on how to enroll in
the conference, go to or contact Gayle
Hooks at 310-475-4412. To purchase tickets to the Saturday
Evening WOMEN IN TAP Concert, go to , and type Women In Tap in the
search box or call the UCLA Central Ticket Office at

The conference opens Friday, February 8 at noon with
keynote by Sali Ann Kreigsman (NEA, Jacob's Pillow, Dance
Heritage Society), followed by presentations on women in

cultural history of tap, issues of gender, race, and more
faced by women in tap. The evening will

showcase the excellent contrast of the very youngest "Next
Generation" tappers in an informal concert followed by a
screening of the award winning documentary "Been Rich All
My Life", which tells the story of the Silver Belles, women
whose careers in tap were lived in the chorus lines of the
famed Apollo Theater.

Saturday will provide panel discussions on topics including
the choreographic contribution of women to the renaissance
of tap from the 70's forward, and an oral history workshop
featuring scholar Constance Valis Hill interviewing "Lady
Di" Dianne Walker about her life on Broadway in Black and
Blue. WOMEN IN TAP the LEGENDS highlight the day and will
feature the Jazz Tap Ensemble quartet, Music Director Jerry

Sunday will begin with the screening of the documentary on
Dr. Jeni Le Gon, who began her film career tap dancing with
Bill Bojangles Robinson in the 1936 all black feature,
"Hooray for Love". Final panels and dialogues will
summarize the current state of the art and point to new
directions for the future.

Master classes taught by the legends are scheduled
throughout the weekend in Kaufman Hall. A "Choreographers
Gallery", hosted by NY Tap City's Tony Waag, will share
short clips of choreographic inventions by participating

Bios and Photos available upon request

* * *

Gayle Hooks
Managing Director
Jazz Tap Ensemble
1416 Westwood Blvd. #207
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(310)475-4412 (t)

6-week Absolute Beginner Jazz Workshop w/ Sue Samuels!

6-Week Absolute Beginner
Jazz Workshop with Sue Samuels
Designed for adults interested in a new and fun way to
exercise while you learn the basics of jazz dance! No
prior dance experience necessary!

January 27 - March 2
6 Sessions
$180 per person

To register, call (212) 405-9500
January 28 & 29 Classes Cancelled
Please note the Monday, January 28th, Basics of Jazz
and Tuesday, January 29th, Absolute Beginner Jazz
classes have been cancelled.

Starting in February
Sue’s Weekly Class Schedule:
Jazz Basics
Monday 8 – 9:30pm (new time)
Advanced Beginner Jazz
Tuesday & Thursday 10 – 11:30am
Tuesday 6 – 7:30pm (new day)
Intermediate Jazz
Saturday 4 – 5:30pm

The Joan Weill Center for Dance
405 West 55th Street (at 9th Avenue)
New York, NY 10019
(212) 405-9500
To learn more about Ailey's new season
call AileyConnect: (212) 514-0010
Sharon Gersten Luckman Executive Director
Yvette L. Campbell Director of The Ailey Extension

Mr Wiggles is on the JUSTE DEBOUTE tour!

Mr Wiggles is on the JUSTE DEBOUTE tour:

Saturday, January 26th:
-Country: GERMANY
-City: Dusseldorf
-Place: Tanzhaus-NRW, Erkrather Straße 40233 Düsseldorf
Contact in Düsseldorf, Germany:

Sunday, January 27th:
-Country: FINLAND -City: Helsinki
-Place: Kulttuuritalo, Sturenkatu 4, 00510 Helsinki,
-Contact in Helsinki, Finland:

Friday, February 1st:
-Country: SWEDEN -City: Stockholm
-Place: Solnahallen - Ankdamsgatan 46
- Stockholm, Sweden
-Phone: +46 8 514 200 50
-Contact in Stockholm, Sweden:

Satudrday, February 2nd:
-Country: SWEDEN
-City: Stockholm
-Place: Solnahallen - Ankdamsgatan 46 - Stockholm, Sweden
-Phone: +46 8 514 200 50 Contact in Stockholm, Sweden:

Sunday, February 3rd:
-City: Prague -Place: Sports halle Slavia, Vladivostocka
1460/10, 100 05 Prague 10
-Contact in Prague, Czech Republic:

Saturday, February 9th:
-Country: FRANCE -City: Lille
-Place: Palais Saint Sauveur – 78 Avenue du Président
Kennedy – 59000 – Lille
-Contact in Lille, France:

-POSSIBLE DATES IN SWITZERLAND (working out details)
more info coming soon....
-contact for Switzerland:

Saturday, February 16th:
-Country: FRANCE -City: Saint Brieuc
-Place: Salle Steredenn - 1 rue Pierre de Coubertin - 22000
Saint-Brieuc -Contact in Saint Brieuc, France:

Satudray, March 1st:
-Country: FRANCE -City: PARIS
-Place: City Hall Contact in Paris, France:

Sunday, March 2nd:
-Country: FRANCE
-City: PARIS -Place: BERCY - 8 boulevard de Bercy - 75012
-Contact in Paris, France:

(or contact management direct at

Juste Debout, the worldwild key event in Hip Hop dance, is
coming all around the world. After Italy, Switzerland and
Japan in the begining of January, the tour continues :

Do not hesitate to contact the person of the country where
you want to go, to have more information and know more
about workshops giving by the judges!!

The judges are internationals and key dancers in Hip Hop :
Mr Wiggles, New york and Cali (Rocksteady crew, electric
boogaloos) ,, category Popping
Mr Stretch, New York, category Hip Hop New Style
Miss Risa, Japan, category Locking
Mr Rabah, France, category House dance

You can watch the trailer of the last event, the webtv of
the tour on and talk on the forum!

The last event, with all the international contest winners
, will be in PARIS, FRANCE:
Price: 18,50€
Venue: Bercy : 8 bd de Bercy, 75012 PARIS, FRANCE. Subway:
Bercy - Line 6 or 14.
Hours: Start at 2pm

To buy your tickets online, for Paris, France, March 2nd:

Information: or or
Phone: +33 (0)1 42 06 51 50.

The Rise & Fall of Miss Thang at Pan African Film Festival!

The Rise and Fall of Miss Thang at the 2008 Pan African
Film Festival in Los Angeles!
Featuring Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards & Martin “Tre” Dumas!

The Rise and Fall of Miss Thang, will be screening at the
2008 Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles. Screening
dates are Sunday Feb. 10 at 6:15pm and Tuesday Feb. 12 at
3:15pm. All screenings take place at the AMC Magic Johnson
Crenshaw 15 located at 4020 Marlton Avenue in Los Angeles,
In case you missed it… The Rise and Fall of Miss Thang was
reviewed in Variety!
Check it out:

A message from Brian "Footwork" Green!



here just give people CHRIST who has changed my life, and
brought my faith of my years before back to new heights
(who says,' I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIGHT!!
Whoever believeth in me shall not perish, but have eternal


MESSAGE: LOVE ALL OF YOU and stay truly loving, tolerant of
others that are still sinning against others while you are
trying not to, and have realize the errors of your ways.
Because when you were in sin against others, there were
people who were tolerant of you. If you have to take a
person 1 on 1 and tell them their errors of their ways, and
listen to them as well. Have forgiveness, and try not to
repeat what you hear. Passing what you hear, only passes
sin to another's ear, and then makes a person assume about
another person. Which does not give the person talked about
any time to grow and change in the mind of the person that
listened to the rumor said. Watch more of a person's walk,
not their talk!! HAVE PATIENCE!! Let's start to change.

ADDRESS: 27 Park Place between Broadway and Church
DOC ( Hip-hop, Breaks, Funk, and Classics).
TIME: 10pm-4am
PRICE: $10 with flyer/$12 without flyer/$5 each for married

MONEY! THERE WILL BE MANY THINGS ON SALE!! (popular event for all
dance styles) www.housedanceconference (home website of
the event for basic info!! Site changing soon!) for bookings for bookings for booking ( CPD PLUS) for bookings ( french dance website for the world of
urban dance) ( french dance website
for the world of urban dance) (
U.S. website for history of Funk,Hip-hop, and urban related
dance styles) (U.S. website focusing on House
culture) (U.S. website/event
focusing on Hip-hop and Funk styles culture)
www.bboysummit ( U.S. website/event focusing on Hip-hop and
Funk styles culture) www.KR3ts (U.S.
website/event/children foundation for kids in the Barrio!!) ( Funkstyles in Germany website). (bboy website of Ken swift and 7 gems,
and more.). ( House/Hip-hop dance and
information website!!)

MONEY FOR THE THEATRE SHOW IN JULY WAS DONATED TO KR3ts (, and MUMATCHI; which is a new child foundation
being created by a dancer named Natalie from France that
lives here. This is to help teach kids in Nigeria, Africa
about dance, education, and give them inspiration. She will
be selling her T-SHIRTS at the coat check of the next House
Dance Conferences.



Brian "Footwork" Green

Jaye Allison dances at the World Famous Cotton Club!

Very exciting news everyone!
Jaye Allison has the pleasure of performing at the World
Famous Cotton Club in Harlem (NYC) Saturday, March 29th as
a 2nd Generation Silver Belle along with the original
Silver Belles during their Annual Benefit Event! Please
put the date on your calendar. Tickets are only $75 and the
seating is limited. The Silver Belles are the original
Showgirls of the Cotton Club and the Apollo Theater from
harlem's golden age. Marion Coles, Elaine Ellis, Cleo Hayes
and Fay Ray are passing the torch of their legacy on to:
Jaye Allison, Mercedes Ellington, Germaine Ingram, Jacqui
Malone, Delphine T. Mantz, Deborah Mitchell and Karen
Callaway Williams. We are placed with the responsibility of
continuing their work to support the efforts of the youth
and especially young women who need mentoring in
development of their futures through our dance and
entertaining efforts.

You will receive all the information on this date with
womens history, very soon. Please come and enjoy what the
film 'Been Rich All My Life' is talking about!!

Jaye Allison
Founding Director, New LEJA Dances & Philly Tap Challenge

Updates from Chicago Rhythm Project!

CHRP Presents:
Winter Tap JAMboree!
February 15-17, 2008
@ the Beverly Arts Center

CHRP's annual Winter Tap JAMboree! once again sets up shop
in Beverly for one spectacular weekend of tap! This year
*Master classes taught by tap masters from Barcelona, LA
and Chicago
*8th annual Tap OFF! choreography competition
*Leo Harris Rhythm World Scholarship Audition
*4th annual Winter Tap JAMboree! Concert
CHRP artistic associate Tre Dumas is directing the event
and has assembled an amazing team of tap masters to teach
the 3-day workshop. Instructors include Tre, Lane
Alexander, Guillem Alonso (see article below), Lisa
LaTouche, Gregg Russell and Jumaane Taylor.

All registration forms can be downloaded from our website.
For tickets to the February 17 performance, call the
Beverly Arts Center box office at 773-445-3838.
Don’t miss an opportunity to study tap with CHRP this
winter! Check out the several classes offered around town!

The Tap Studio
CHRP and Lane Alexander continue to run the Tap Studio at
2933 N. Southport, every Monday and Tuesday night. Click
here for all the details.

Tappy Feet for Kids
CHRP has partnered with Emerald City Theatre to create
"Tappy Feet," a tap class for 5-8 year olds.

Visit ECT's website for class description and to sign up:

2008 Artist In Residence Guillem Alonso
CHRP is thrilled to announce our 2008 Artist In Residence,
Catalan native Guillem Alonso. Not only is Mr. Alonso a
renowned solo Spanish tap artist, but he is also the
founder of Barcelona Rhythm Tap, Tap Ole, and a member of
Camut Band, a tap and percussion company.

As a youth, Guillem received various grants from the
Catalan goverment to study tap in New York under the
tutelage of tap masters Brenda Bufalino, Barbara Duffy and
Savion Glover, just to name a few. Since returning to
Spain, he has dedicated himself to the promotion of tap in
his home country and abroad.

Guillem will be present at nearly all of our 2008 events
beginning with the Feb. 15-17 Winter Tap JAMboree! He'll
be a featured faculty member of our annual Rhythm World
festival, and his group Tap Ole will bring an international
spin to our otherwise Chicago-based Windy City Rhythms
concerts in May.
CHRP and China
CHRP concluded it's most successful season ever by bringing
50 U.S. tap artists and seven jazz musicians to stage the
largest-ever presentation of American tap in China.

The performances, which closed the 5th Anniversary Beijing
International Dance Festival, were a tremendous success.
The festival organizers have invited CHRP to build a new
production in China with a cast of 40 professional dancers
to tour 10 Chinese cities during a four-to-six-month

Please help us in congratulating all of the amazing people
that performed in and managed this historic event. Their
exceptional work is a huge step in creating an five-year
cultural exchange between Chicago and China.

M.A.D.D. Rhythms nominated at Chicago Music Awards!

M.A.D.D. Rhythms nominated for Best Dance Group in Chicago
at the Chicago Music Awards!

DON'T MISS the Star-Studded Chicago Music Awards, Next
Sunday, Park West.
The coveted 27th Annual Chicago Music Awards, which is now
the talk of the City, is 75% sold out! Music lovers, fans,
friends and families can now call 312/427-0266,
312/559-1212 or go to to guarantee
tickets for this most outstanding musical concert and red
carpet celebration. HURRY AND GET TIX NOW! See full
information in press release and flyers below.

Marshall Thompson of the Chi-Lites, Bluesman Phil Guy,
Country-Western singer Dayna Malow and some of Latin’s Best
Kanye West, Common, Wilco top list of nominees

CHICAGO (January, 2008) – R&B entertainer Marshall Thompson
of the Chi-Lites. Phil Guy & The Blues Machine,
Country-Western singer Dayna Malow, Spoken Word superstar
Malik Yusef and House music disciple Screamin’ Rachel will
be among the live entertainment when Martin’s International
Culture presents the star-studded 27 th annual Chicago
Music Awards, dedicated to “Health Awareness” Sunday,
January 27, 2008 at Park West, 322 W. Armitage in Chicago.
For information call 312/427-0266, visit the website at or e-mail

Other artists who will be performing are R&B/Soul veterans
The Notations, R&B & Doo Wop veterans The Steelers, Gospel
singers Lafayette Gatling and the Christland Singers and
Marguerite Gatling and the Inspirational Charms, Best New
Entertainer nominee Ekklesia, child musical prodigy Jamiah
“On Fire” Rogers, Reggae entertainers Danki Man and Indika,
and Reggaeton/Latin performers Guayacol y Ale Nova, D-Wise
y Lobo and P.R. ism, among others. In addition, the 2007
Chi-Town Idol winners- R&B vocalists Falanna, Kim B and Hip
Hoppers Doza also will perform.

“This is the only awards program of its kind in Chicago to
pay tribute to Chicago born and bred artists and
entertainers,” said CMA founder & producer Ephraim Martin.
“Reggae and Reggaeton, Jazz & Blues, Rap & Hip Hop,
Classical, Country & Western and even Polka, we have music
for nearly every possible taste.” Internationally known
Chicago-bred entertainer Kanye West tops the list of
nominees with 5 nominations out of a possible 42. He is
joined at the top by Common, Twista, Lupe Fiasco and “new
kids on the block,” Rich Kiddz. Other top nominees include
County/Western singer Dayna Malow, Rock group Wilco,
Gospel entertainer Lemmie Battles and R&B entertainer
Teresa Griffin along with Chicago legends R. Kelley, Koko
Taylor, Chi-Lites, Jennifer Hudson, Buddy Guy and Ramsey

Winners will be announced at a gala showcase Sunday,
January 27, 2008. VIP reception is at 6 pm followed by
the Awards ceremony at 7 pm. Hosts include NBC/5 Chicago’s
Saran Dunmore and Bluesman Frank Pellegrino.
Confirmed Awards presenters include Hon. Dorothy Brown,
Clerk of the Cook County Circuit Court, Ms. Toni Haynes-
Ideal Health, Mr & Mrs Lafayette and Marguerite Gatling,
NBC’s Debra O. Brown, Dr. Robert L. Scott and ABC TV Bill
Campbell . Other presenting celebrities and sponsors will
be announced later.

Advance tickets are $35 general admission and $55 VIP
tickets. For tickets visit Ticketmaster at or call 312/559-1212, Martin’s
International Culture at 312/427-0266 or e-mail

In addition to the live entertainment, a highlight of the
evening will be the presentation of Lifetime Achievement
Awards to jazz pianist Dave Green, attorney & booking agent
J.B. Ross, radio personality and TV host LaDonna Tittle,
Gospel music impresarios Lafayette & Marguerite Gatling,
radio & TV personality Richard Steele and Soul & R&B
entertainers The Steelers. In addition, Awards of Honor
will be presented to Fanny Brown, Screamin’ Rachael Cain
and Willie Wilson. The Producer’s Award of Excellence will
go to blues veteran and brother of Buddy Guy, Phil Guy.

Fans have until January 10, 2008 to vote for their favorite
entertainers on-line at Voting
can also be done by e-mail at or
by mail-in ballots.

The Chicago Music Awards is sponsored by NBC/5 Chicago,
Kingston Mines, Gatling Community Development, Inc, Robert
L. Scott and Associates, Ideal Health, Remax Realtor Leroy
Viamille, Herbert Witter-Insurance Broker Inc., Tanya’s
Bath & Body, Share Your Soles, Wild Hare Club, Fort
Dearborn Insurance Company, African Spectrum, Uncle Joe’s
Restaurant/”Reggaelink”(Power 92 FM), Reggie’s Rock
Club/Record Breakers, The Chicago Gazette and Ideal Health
among others. It is dedicated to “Health Awareness” and
will bring into focus the lack of health care and medical
attention in the entertainment industry


PRESS CONTACT: Barbara Kensey, 773-288-8776
Kensey & Kensey Communications

Chicago Music Awards, 312-427-0266

Chicago Music Awards- An Affiliate of Martin's
International Culture, Inc.
1325 South Wabash Avenue, #307
Chicago, IL 60605

M.A.D.D. Rhythms JaBowen Dixon in Dance Spirit Magazine!

M.A.D.D. Rhythms JaBowen Dixon in Dance Spirit Magazine!

Chicago Tap Dancer, JaBowen Dixon is featured in the latest
issue of Dance Spirit Magazine on stands now! Check it

Deal Breakers at the NoHo Actors’ Studio!

DON’T MISS: Deal Breakers at the NoHo Actors’ Studio!

Deal Breakers is a comedic and honest depiction of life,
love, and relationships from the male perspective. This
stage play tells the story of how deals get made and why
they get broken. If you want to be entertained and have
your thoughts provoked, come see DEAL BREAKERS at the NoHo
Actors' Studio, 5215 Lankershim Blvd. in North Hollywood,

Show dates: February 15, 16, 17, 22, 23, 24 at 7 PM.

Purchase tickets at

For more information: