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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Robin Dunn's F.A.C.E. Workshop Winter 2009

The AILEY Extension
& E.D. Entertainment

Robin Dunn's F.A.C.E. Workshop Winter 2009
For the performer in YOU!
January 25 - March 8, 2008

Robin Dunn's F.A.C.E. (Focus, Attitude, Confidence, Energy
and Eye Contact) is a formal technique designed to aid
artists and business professionals with attaining their
ultimate power on stage, on camera and in the workplace.

Over seven weeks, Robin will offer tools and techniques to
help artists and business professionals project who they
really are with confidence and self-assurance. Participants

will also have the unique opportunity to perform in front
of industry panelists who will provide invaluable feedback
on their progress at Robin Dunn's F.A.C.E. showcase on
March 1st, 2009.

Workshop Cost:

$210.00 - Full seven week workshop
Save $15 when you purchase before Monday, January 19, 2009!

$225.00 - Full seven week workshop
(After January 19, 2009)
$35.00 - Single class
$17.50 - Observation Rate

$15.00 - F.A.C.E. Showcase
Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Ailey Studios
The Joan Weill Center for Dance
405 West 55th St. (at 9th Avenue)
New York, NY 10019


Robin Dunn's FACE Workshop at The Ailey Extension

Press Contact: Jenna Petok

Start Your New Year off with Robin Dunn's F.A.C.E. Workshop
- the Premiere Artist, Career & Personal Empowerment
Workshop Series For the Performer in You!
(New York) January 8, 2009— E.D Entertainment returns to
The Ailey Extension after its first successful run to
present the first Robin Dunn's F.A.C.E. (an acronym for
Focus, Attitude, Confidence, Energy and Eye Contact)
workshop series for 2009. On Sundays from January 25th –
March 8th 4:30pm-7:30pm, participants will have the
opportunity to learn, practice, and master useful
techniques to apply in performance and everyday life.
Participants will also have the chance to perform in Robin
Dunn's F.A.C.E. showcase, which is open to the public, on
March 1, 2009. Audience members will have the opportunity
to experience firsthand the specialized process, and also
listen as special guest industry panelists provide
invaluable feedback to each performer. Past panelists have
included celebrity singer and vocal coach, Carole Sylvan,
casting director, John Doyle of Godlove & Company, Claudine
Joseph, the Vice President of Violator Management and
director choreographer, Ann Marie D'Angelo, in addition to
Robin Dunn.
Robin Dunn's F.A.C.E. technique is a patented method
created to aid performing artists, career professionals and
individuals with being more confident on stage, on camera
and in the work place. Learn to better project who you
really are with confidence and self-assurance. Limited
Enrollment is now open for Winter 2009! Register at or Call 212 405-9500.

"[The workshop] was great. Robin really knows how to touch
people in a whole new way." - Minako, 2008 Workshop

Robin Dunn has worked with some of the top artists in the
business including Saturday Night Live, Pepsi, Nickelodeon,
Apollo Amateur Night, Missy Elliot, The Braxtons featuring
Jay Z (Soul Train Lady of Soul Awards), Teen Vogue
featuring Jive recording artist Chris Brown, Sean Kingston
and more...She is currently on faculty at The Ailey School
and The Ailey Extension, Hunter College, Steps On Broadway
and Harlem School of the Arts. Robin continues to tour the
world as a F.A.C.E. coach/ motivational speaker and hip hop

Open to the general public, The Ailey Extension features
dance and fitness classes in a wide variety of techniques
for all levels, including Horton, West African, Ballet, Hip
Hop and Jazz, underscoring Mr. Ailey’s life-long commitment
of bringing dance to everyone. The Ailey Extension was
launched in April 2005 in conjunction with the opening of
the Joan Weill Center for Dance, the new home of Alvin
Ailey American Dance Theater. Whether you haven't taken a
dance class in 20 years, take class regularly, or have
never danced a step, The Ailey Extension has dance and
fitness classes designed especially for you. In the words
of our inspirational Artistic Director, Judith Jamison, "If
you can get yourself in the door, you can take a class!"
Since its inception, over 22,000 people have taken classes
through this program. The Ailey Studios are located at The
Joan Weill Center for Dance, home of Alvin Ailey American
Dance Theater and the nation’s largest building dedicated
to dance, at 405 West 55th Street (at 9th Avenue). Visit for more information.

Founded in 1958 by Alvin Ailey, Alvin Ailey American Dance
Theater (AAADT) is known as America’s cultural ambassador
to the world. Under the artistic direction of Judith
Jamison since 1989, AAADT has performed for more than 21
million people in 71 countries and on 6 continents. Alvin
Ailey Dance Foundation, Inc. is the umbrella organization
which includes AAADT; Ailey II, founded in 1974 as a junior
performing company of emerging young dancers and innovative
choreographers; The Ailey School, founded in 1969, and
currently offers some of the most extensive dance training
programs in the world; Ailey Arts In Education & Community
Programs which is committed to bringing dance into the
classrooms, communities and lives of people throughout the
world; and The Ailey Extension, a program that offers dance
and fitness classes to the general public.

Thursday Night Tap Classes with Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards

Int/Adv Tap Class
With Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards
Where: 401 West 149th Street at Harlem Tap
When: Every Thursday from 6:00 till 7:30PM

The Mind-Body Connection with Sue Samuels

The AILEY Extension
The Mind-Body Connection with Sue Samuels
February 8, 2009
Learn what you need to know to get it right the first time.

The Mind-Body Connection is for dancers who dance for fun,
or for a living. No matter what technique you try, this
workshop is valuable for anyone who wants make sure they
are 'picking up' choreography quickly and correctly. This
workshop is also great for professional actors and singers
who want to improve their performance during the dance
portions of auditions.

The first hour of this workshop will focus on conditioning
the body with a complete warm-up including jazz barre,
floor exercises for stretching and strengthening,
isolations and turning techniques. The second hour of the
workshop includes step patterns across the floor and small
combinations to practice the Mind-Body Connection methods
of picking up choreography. The second hour will cover
several methods, including counting, step rhythm and step
names. In the last hour of the workshop, Sue will teach
choreography with staging. Attendees will then rehearse and

perform the choreography within the workshop.

Workshop Cost:
$40 - Full Workshop
Save $5 when you register before January 31, 2009

Full Workshop - $45
After January 31, 2009


Teacher, Choreographer and Performer, Sue Samuels has
established herself as a staple of the modern performing
arts community. Sue’s expertise from 35 years of experience

keeps her in demand as a mentor and coach by professional
and amateur artists from around the world. Her students
have included stars from stage and screen including Melba
Moore, Irene Cara and Brooke Shields.

Sue began her dance training with Broward Civic Ballet in
Florida where she performed with the Company for six years.

Sue's jazz training includes work with JoJo Smith, Frank
Hatchett and Michael Shawn. Her background in ballet and
jazz has influenced Sue's classical jazz style which
focuses on strong, proper body alignment and clean
technique. She is also the co-founder of Jo Jo's Dance
Factory (now known as Broadway Dance Center).

Sue's choreographic credits include telethons, theater
productions and commercials for Adidias, Members Only
Up among others. She is currently on faculty at Broadway
Dance Center and The Ailey Extension.
To Register:

A Message from Sue Samuels

A Message from Sue Samuels:

Hi Everyone!
I'm looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, Jan. 3 1st
for the 1st rehearsal of
the Student Performance Workshop at the Ailey Studios.
Here's an update:
The cost will be considerably less than $75.
The price has yet to be determined.
****(It could even be less than 1/2 of that amount)!****
There will be a 1st payment of $15
due at the time you sign-up on Saturday, Jan. 31st.
The remaining amount will be determined and payable at the
next rehearsal on February 7th.
*The first rehearsal will be on Saturday, Jan. 31st
from 5:30-7:30,
and will continue for 9 Saturdays including March 28th *

Rehearsals will be held at the
Ailey Studios located @ 405 W. 55th St. @ 9th Avenue
in studio 6A. Please sign up directly with Sue.

There will be 2 performances in the Ailey Citigroup Theater
Sunday, Mar ch 29th at 5pm and 7pm

****Please R.S.V.P.****


Check out the YouTube video featuring Jason Samuels Smith & Bril Barrett!

Check out the YouTube video featuring Jason Samuels Smith &
Bril Barrett!

2009 DC Tap Festival

2009 DC Tap Festival
Presented by Chloe and Maud Productions
April 17th, 18th and 19th

Join us for one dynamic, inspiring 3-day weekend, April 17,

18, 19th, as we share and expand the language of dance
through master classes, history talks, jam sessions, a
student showcase, cutting contest, and Performance
featuring both world renowned Tap Master and accomplished
teachers and young dancers from the DC area and abroad. Our

Faculty includes Directors Chloe & Maud Arnold, Emmy-Award
winner Jason Samuels Smith, Grammy-Award winner Mya
Harrison (schedule pending), vaudeville star Dr. Harold
Cromer, Broadway Stars Bakaari Wilder, Joe Webb, Dewitt
Fleming, Tap Dog David Covington, Nancy Newell, Toni
Lombre, Heidi Schultz, and many more!!!

LA Tap Fest August 10-15th 2009

Save the Date – LA Tap Festival 2009!

2009 LA Tap Fest
Presented by The Debbie Allen Dance Academy
August 10-15th 2009

Tap Dancing, Live Music & Comedy Skits from Broadway Underground

Tap Dancing, Live Music & Comedy Skits from Broadway
B.B. King Blues Club (New York City, NY)
Monday, Feb. 16 @ 8:00pm (Doors at 6:00pm)
Full Price: $25.00 Our Price: $12.50

Broadway Underground unleashes sheer raw artistry onto a
stage filled with live music and packed audiences. Every
show offers new acts and funny skits from the hosts, tap
dancers Jared Grimes and DeWitt Fleming, who found their
start singing and dancing in the subways of New York City.
Plus, aspiring singers and dancers straight from the NYC
streets will showcase their talents on stage.

Djoniba Centre Class Schedule

Djoniba Centre January schedule of classes in a temporary
location at

305 West 38th Street & 8 Avenue, NYC

For more details go to You can also Watch
Djoniba Centre closing featured on Chanel 11 News

MONDAY 6-7:30: Adv / Sabar with Babacar
7:30-9: Beg-Basic African with Djoniba
7:30-9: African Bugarabu with Malang (Starts Feb 2)
TUESDAY 6-7:30: Afro-Carribean with Richard
6-7:30: Brazilian Dance with Velly Bahia
6-730: Congolese with Fumilayo
7:30-9: Samba with Danielle
WEDNESDAY 6-7:30: Haitian Dance with Peniel
6-7:30 Sabar with Babacar
7:30-9: Beg-Basic African Dance with Djoniba
7:30-9: West-African with Marie Basse Feb 28
THURSDAY 6-7:30: Afro-Carribean with Richard
7:30-9: Brazilian Dance with Velly Bahia
FRIDAY 6-7:30: Beg-Basic African Dance with Djoniba
7:30-9: Haitian Dance with Peniel
SATURDAY 12:30-2: Beg-Basic African Dance with Djoniba
2-3:30: Afrobrazilian with Michelle
3:30-5 African Dance with Maguette
5-6:30: Afro-Carribean with Richard
6:30-8: African Dance with Marie Basse
SUNDAY 3:30-5: Samba with Danielle
5-6:30: Beg Basic african with Djoniba (Instead of 6:30)
BE A PART OF OUR "50,000 HUMANS DONATE $2" to Rebuild
Djoniba Center campaign!
Invite your friends to make a tax-deductible donation of $2
YES, WE CAN! Peace & Blessings.
Djoniba Mouflet.
Ps: please expose our story to politicians, celebrities and
the media.
(Press release, pictures, video and other infos are
available at
For: Djoniba Dance and Drum Centre
37 East 18th Street 7th Floor New York, NY
10003 Tel: 212 477-3464
Press Contact: Maia Claire Garrisson

January 19th, 2009
Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre, the legendary New YorkCity
dance school and not-for-profit organization, closed its
doors on
December 31st 2008 after 15 years of "exceptional
contributions to our city",
(the council of NYC). Hit by the economic crisis -- with
fewer students
attending classes -- and a major rent increase, DDDC had no
other option
but to sadly shut down.
The immediate result is 55 teachers and drummers losing
their jobs.
Hundreds of children from lower income families losing the
opportunity to
receive free dance scholarships, along with thousands of
adult students
losing their community workout, a place to release stress
and convene
"Since its establishment, Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre-one
of New York
City's largest minority-owned cultural centers- has
dedicated itself to
connecting men and women of all ages and ethnicities
through the arts.
In a letter of June 2007, Mayor Bloomberg wrote, "As we
look back on the
incredible accomplishments of DDDC's 15 years, we also look
forward to
Even greater achievements on the horizon."
"I am confident that the New York community and government
who understand the profound impact that our philosophy and
ethnic dance
taught in our institution has on so many lives, will rally
up and help us
continue our mission of providing health, fitness, and
harmony amongst
New Yorkers" says the founder Djoniba Mouflet.
DDDC needs funds for a new home and is urgently seeking
aid. You can
make donations on line at or by mail.
Contributions will
allow for construction, fundraising, architectural design,
web design,
building materials, office furniture and equipment,
Who knows how long this economic climate will last -but
what kind of city
will be left when it's over, if we allow our community
owned cultural institutions
to close?
About Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre
Since its inception in 1992, as a not-for-profit cultural
and charitable
organization, The Djoniba Dance and Drum Centre has strived
to celebrate
our global diversity through world dance and music and is
dedicated to
bridging the gap between all ages, ethnic groups,
and cultures through dance and music. The Centre is one of
New York
City's largest minority-owned dance studio, and the only
cultural center in the
world specializing in multi-ethnic dance and drum. The
Centre serves thousands of
adults and children annually, has a roster of 35 master
teachers dancers and
drummers, who teach more than 100 dance classes per week in
more than 30
different styles of movement and music from around the
Founded and directed by Djoniba Mouflet, the
drummer, dancer, teacher, performer and choreographer, the
houses three dance studios, a children's program and
an adult evening program. DDDC has become a popular
cultural and
fitness spot, attended by celebrities like Tyra Banks,
Julia Roberts, Brook
Shields and featured in several magazines, newspapers and
major TV shows.
Awarded "Best New York Dance School" several years in a row
by The
Village Voice, New York Magazine, New York Press and AM New
DDDC has also been recognized by city officials-including
Mayor Bloomberg,
The City Council, Manhattan Borough president Scott M.
Stringer, as well
as NY State Assembly N. Godfrey for its outstanding service
to the NY community.
"I applaud Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre for your strong
commitment to
the culture and community." Richard N. Godfrey / New York
State Assembly
"It is the tradition and custom of the New York City
Council to honor its most
distinguished citizens, and today we are pleased to
recognize Djoniba Dance &
Drum Centre, Inc for its exceptional contributions to our
City. Today, we honor
Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre, Inc an organization that has
distinguished itself
in service to the community: is has enriched us with its
presence and achievements
and is worthy of the esteem of all New Yorkers"
Proclamation by The Council of the City of New York.

Dance/NYC's Dance Partner Database

Dance/NYC's Dance Partner Database
Read More about it below!
From the L O F T . . . NEW PROGRAM!
Do you have the need for a PT administrator?
Has the economy caused you to reduce your staff hours?
Don't want to lose that valuable employee but can't keep
them on full time?
Have you been laid off?
Have your hours reduced and are you looking for more work?
Interested in sharing a staff member?
Please send your company needs or resume to Dance/NYC. We
are compiling a list of dance organizations and
administrators in the hopes of bringing people together
during these rough economic times. If you think this is
something that would work for you or for your company - let
us know. We will be working to match people and companies
so that artists and administrators can continue to work,
companies can get the help they need and together we can
all work to get through this challenging time in our

Youth Advisory Committee Town Hall

"Bridging the Generational Gap"
WHEN: Monday February 2nd, 2008
WHERE: Joyce SoHo

A panel discussion moderated by Robert Dorf, Managing
Director of Susan Marshall & Company, about the challenges
and learning experiences of working across generations as
artists and administrators in the dance industry.

Panelists to include members of the NY dance community,
representing varying views from the young to the seasoned.

Have an opinion? We want to hear it on Feb. 2nd!


The Dance/NYC Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) is a volunteer
arts committee servicing both Dance/NYC and the greater New
York dance community. The committee is comprised of young
adults in the arts profession ages 18-30.
Joyce SoHo Applications Available

2009—2010 season applications are available online now for
Joyce SoHo's performance space!
We are accepting applications until January 31, 2009 for
performance weeks from September 2009 – July 2010.

74 seat white box theater w/ Marley floor $600 for 2 shows
+ 12 hrs tech to $900 for 4 shows
+ 16 hrs tech
(discounts available for festival participation – see
We include you in our season brochure, list you on our
website, handle online ticket sales, provide our
professional staffing assistance…and YOU keep the box
office proceeds!
Standard or flexible space/ audience setup available.

Check out under "Dancers and Dance Companies" to
orange Joyce SoHo tab or call us at (212) 431-9233.

New Place to Dance!
Arias Dance NYC
300 West 43rd Street between 8th and 9th Ave
Phone: 347-273-1536


Classes for dancers of all levels
Classes that meet at day, at night, and on the weekends

Host an Intern
Announcing the Arts and Business Council's Multicultural
Arts Management Internship that matches 11 diverse
undergraduates with 11 NYC arts organizations to "learn the
business of the arts." Interns spend ten weeks (June
1-August 7) working on their host organization's projects
in areas such as marketing, fundraising, event planning,
community outreach, arts education, programming, research
and more.
Apply to be an intern host supervisor—you'll get a
significant management experience for yourself and an extra
brain for your organization.
To host an intern your organization must:
• be a nonprofit with at least two full-time staff;
• have offices within the five boroughs of New York
• be a current member of Arts & Business Council of
New York (or become one);
• contribute $1,000 to your intern's stipend (that
works out to $2.50/hour on your part, such a deal);
• be able to provide an intern with a meaningful
project (i.e. not completely clerical).And this is what you
• an bright, shiny undergraduate intern for 10 weeks
of full-time assistance;
• $1,500 grant from ABC/NY to contribute to the
intern's stipend;
• an unlimited MetroCards for the duration of the
program for the intern;
• a network of other host organizations, interns, and
intern mentors from businesses like ConEd and Time Warner;
• invitations to attend exclusive program site visits
at other host organizations.
The application deadline is February 2.
Learn more about the program here.

Works and Process
See New York City Ballet's Emerging Choreographers at Works
& Process at the Guggenheim
Sunday and Monday, January 18 and 19 @ 7:30 p.m.
Stuttgart Ballet's Douglas Lee presents excerpts of his new
ballet created to celebrate New York City Ballet's launch
of the Rudolf Nureyev Fund for Emerging Choreographers.
Melissa Barak also presents excerpts from her new ballet.
Both participate in a discussion moderated by Ellen Sorrin.
Dancers include Maria Kowroski, Sara Mearns, Jared Angle
and more. A reception with the artists follows.
$30, $25 Members, $10 Students
Box Office 212 423 3587
Buy tickets online at

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum
1071 Fifth Avenue at 89th Street

The staff at Dance/NYC offers daily help an d support. We
can be reached in the office Mon - Fri from 10am-6pm. Call
Dance/NYC at 212.966.4452, email us or drop by for

Parting Words
Here are some important services to remember:

Dancers' workshops, seminars and professional development
events are listed on the Dance Service Organizations'
Calendar of It's one-stop-shopping for
dance-related programs c itywide in a convenient calendar

The Actors Fund especially responds to the health care
needs of performing artists. Please become familiar with
the Al Hirschfeld Free Health Clinic at The Aurora, which
provides free health care to uninsured and underinsured
documented entertainment industry professionals. Please be
sure to check it out!
Have you used the Artist Access health plan yet? If so,
please let us hear from you by email - both the good and
the bad. We're eager to make sure the program is running
as we had planned. If you do have an issue, please be sure
to let us know the day and date of the problem and at what
department or area of the hospital the problem occurred so
that we can help you.

Dance/NYC is a branch of Dance/USA, the national service
organization for professional dance.

63 Greene Street, #605

Join us for the “Cotton Club” in celebrate of black history month!

Please Join us for...

Cotton Club

a celebration of black history month
and a benefit for La MaMa

Tuesday, February 3rd
The Annex


Featuring Performances by:
Idris Ackamoor
Sheila Dabney
Keith David
Cary Gant
Joyce Griffin
Rhodessa Jones
Michael Lynch
Bemshi Shearer
...and more...
La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club
74A East 4th Street (between 2nd Avenue and the Bowery)
box office: (212) 475-7710

Law and Film CLE Ethics Class: Conflict of Principles in No Country for Old Men

VLA presents,

Law and Film CLE Ethics Class: Conflict of Principles in No
Country for Old Men

Tuesday, February 24, 2009: 6pm-8pm

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
1 East 53rd Street (on the corner with 5th Ave)
NY, NY 10022

Note: There are two (2) Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
ethics credits available for this class.
VLA is proud to announce a new CLE law and film series. Our
new law and film series will focus on the study of ethics
through the prism of film and cinema. Attendees will be
mailed a DVD of the film along with reading material
two-weeks before the class. Registered participants will
then attend a two-hour class to discuss the film and
Topics covered will include:

Individual choice (self-interest) vs. collective
Personal morality, professional roles, collegial pressures,
and economic incentives
Competing and unfixed ethical values
Ethical values vs. practical/situational pressures
Fairness, justice, honesty, loyalty, confidentiality, and
conflicts of interest
Recognition and resolution of ethical dilemmas

To launch our new law and film series, we begin with Joel
and Ethan Coen's film, based on Cormac McCarthy's 2005
novel, No Country for Old Men. No Country for Old Men
provides legal professionals with an abundance of ethical
problems and conflicts. Ethics, morals, principles and laws
are all seen in this film in literal and abstract
representations, allowing for both practical and
philosophical discussions as to how they may apply to
interpersonal relations and how at times certain choices
can produce unintended consequences.

All registered participants will be mailed a DVD of the
film along with reading material two-weeks before the
class, so please register by February 11th to guarantee
reception of materials. Registered participants will then
attend a two-hour class on February 24th to discuss the
film and readings.

This class will be taught by Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento, Esq.,
VLA's Director of Education. He has previously taught
critical theory, film, and visual culture at Hofstra
University, Harvard University, USC, and UC-Irvine.
Registration Form
Fees for this workshop are as follows: (includes a DVD copy
of the film and reading material)

Artist/Student: $25
Legal Professional: $75

To register, please complete the attached Registration Form
and return to us by February 11th in order to allow ample
time for reception of DVD and class readings. You may
submit your registration form via fax to: (212) 752-6575,
or mail form with payment to:

Law & Film class
1 East 53rd Street, 6th fl
NY, NY 10022-4201
Financial Hardship Policy: Full and partial scholarships to
attend VLA's Continuing Legal Education programs are
available to persons with demonstrated financial hardship.
To apply, applicants must submit a request, on letterhead
if possible, stating the reason for their interest, proof
of income or an explanation of their financial hardship,
and a completed course registration form. Scholarships will
be awarded on a space-available basis, with preference
given to applicants in order of date submitted. For more information please view
Since 1969, Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts has been the leading provider of pro bono legal services, mediation services, educational programs and publications, and advocacy to the arts community in New York. The first arts-related legal aid organization, VLA is the model for similar organizations around the world. For more information about Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts, please see
Sergio Muñoz Sarmiento, Esq.
phone: (212) 319-2787 Ext. 13

A Message from Rusty Frank: Where’s Rusty?

A Message from Rusty Frank:

Greetings Gates,

Where's Rusty? I'll tell you. I'm freezing my dancing feet off! I'm in New York from January 16-23 on a lecture tour.
Ron and Gio will make sure that the Lindy ByThe Sea classes are fun-filled and informative! Robert Vangor and the gang will make sure the Rhythm Club is the best possible. (I want to hear how packed the club was!)
Go ahead and make your On Tap orders; I'll take care of orders upon my return.
I'll have access to email, so if you have any questions, feel free to email me, or go directly to the
If you are reading this and live around Albany, NY (or know someone who does), the schedule is below. I would love to see you.
Here's a brief description of what I'll be doing there: I'm on a lecture tour in and around Albany. I'll be giving fourteen one-hour talks on the history of American Jazz Dance (Cake Walk, Charleston, Tap, Lindy Hop), showing archival clips, demonstrating, and generally spreading the joy of dance to the masses. The talks are geared to small audiences in libraries and local community centers to ignite interest in an upcoming Jazz Dance festival at the big performing arts center in Albany, which is called The Egg. The great thing is they are providing me a driver! Yeah. I had originally thought they were going to give me a rental car, a map, and a GPS. So I am quite thrilled that I won't have to be driving in the freezing cold, and, most importantly, I will be dropped off at the door of each place!
So have a great time in my absence. Thank all the volunteers at the Rhythm Club when you're there, and be nice to Ron and Gio (well, to Ron, anyway - wink, wink).

Jean Lee’s Theater Company Presents, THE SHIPMENT!

Young Jean Lee's Theater Company: THE SHIPMENT

Written and directed by Young Jean Lee

January 8-10 (Thurs–Sat) and 14-17, 21-24 (Wed-Sat), 8pm
Saturday, January 10, 3pm

Extended by popular demand!
New dates added: January 28-31 (Wed-Sat), 8pm

Tickets: $15
Known for her provocatively satiric performance works, writer/director Young Jean Lee presents the New York premiere of THE SHIPMENT. For this piece, Lee gave herself the most uncomfortable challenge she could imagine: to make -- as a Korean-American – a black identity-politics work. In collaboration with an all-black cast, Lee takes the audience on an awkward and volatile roller-coaster ride through the absurdities and atrocities that arise when trying to discuss the black experience in America. Ludicrous, honest, and devoid of truisms, THE SHIPMENT dares to ask embarrassing questions and to seek solutions to impossible problems.

Click here to see The New York Times Theater Review of THE SHIPMENT

To purchase tickets please click here or call the Box Office: 212-255-5793 ext. 11. Box Office Hours: Tue-Sat, 2-6pm
VISA, American Express, and MasterCard accepted. Paid reservations only. A $1 per ticket handling fee applies to all phone orders.

THE SHIPMENT was co-commissioned by the Wexner Center for the Arts at The Ohio State University and The Kitchen, and was developed with support from the Rockefeller MAP Foundation, the Jerome Foundation, The Greenwall Foundation, and the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency. The work received additional residency support from Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Collapsable Hole, IRT Theater, MacDowell Colony, New Dramatists, Orchard Project, and Yaddo. THE SHIPMENT is produced by Young Jean Lee's Theater Company.

THE SHIPMENT is also made possible in part by a grant from the Ford Foundation and the Association of Performing Arts Presenters Ensemble Theatre Collaborations Grant Program.

The Kitchen's presentation of THE SHIPMENT is made possible with generous support from The Greenwall Foundation and with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.

For more information about all Kitchen events, visit
The Kitchen is located at 512 West 19th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues.
Subway: A, C, E to 14th Street; 1 to 18th Street; L to 8th Avenue

Crazy Sexy Disco Brings the Glamour and Fantasy of the 70's to DUMBO

Crazy Sexy Disco Brings the Glamour and Fantasy
of the 70's to DUMBO Let's Boogie Baby!

Crazy Sexy Disco( New York , NY ) Wednesday, January 14, 2009—A new type of dance show emerges at a time where we can fall back in love with sequins, afros and disco balls. Crazy Sexy Disco has announced their eclectic performance gig at The Underwater Lounge at Water Street Restaurant in DUMBO, Brooklyn . Every third Thursday of the month from January through March, a new generation of fun-loving party-goers can experience this disco-liscous production starting at 9pm. Tickets are $20 and there's a two drink minimum.
The show is an hour and fifteen minute trip into the disco nightlife including interactive stories of love triangles, 70's classics and fond memories of 'the good life, as it was thirty years ago. Nine dancers, one vocalist and the MC (Jimbo Smiley) entertain audiences with an unforgettable night. (Did we mention there are roller-skates?)
The show appeals to the generations that lived through the disco era and warmly welcomes new audiences to this full-scale production.
Charging up the East Coast, Crazy Sexy Disco was booked for New Year's Eve at Boogie Nights, one of Atlantic City 's hottest nightclubs. Jen James made the comment, "The energy level was through the roof. Many disco devotees are already coming to see our NYC show. They're even planning to dress up in bell bottoms and fringed vests to get into the mood. DISCO is officially back!"
The show is produced, directed and choreographed by leading artists Jen James, Liz Piccoli and Svea Schneider. Together, their experience spans from the NYC Metropolitan Opera, Knicks City Dancers, MTV, Decadancetheatre and Pink and now lends itself to future off-Broadway spots.
"Dance is so hot in pop culture right now. Spectators that love Dancing with the Stars will be hooked on with Crazy Sexy Disco. Match that with the tremendous impact that hip hop has made on Broadway with In the Heights and we're seeing a new phase of live dance entertainment on the rise," Svea Schneider.
Pay a visit to this show every third Thursday of the month at The Underwater Lounge at Water Street Restaurant in DUMBO. For more information, please visit or call Liz Piccoli at 201.245.2015. Crazy Sexy Disco is available for private and corporate bookings.
"Crazy Sexy Disco fortunately ensures that a love of 70's music is a vibrant, fun time that we can revel in, not have to hide as a guilty pleasure," Charl Kroeger
To get a glimpse of this glittery scene, click HERE to see the promotional flyer.
For press inquiries, to book the show or buy tickets, please contact:
Liz Piccoli, 201.245.2015



A mother coming to terms with=2 0her daughter. A composer coming to terms with his genius. And, even though they're separated by 200 years, these two people share an obsession that might, even just for a moment, make time stand still.

Two-time Oscar winner JANE FONDA heads a cast of eight, including SAMANTHA MATHIS and COLIN HANKS, in the new play written and directed by MOISÉS KAUFMAN, author of The Laramie Project and director of I Am My Own Wife. Drama, memory and music combine to transport you from present-day New York to 19th-century Austria, in this extraordinary new American play about passion, parenthood and the moments of beauty that can transform a life.


Tues. at 8
Wed. at 2 & 8
Thurs. at 8
Tues. at 7 (beg. March 17)

Fri. at 8
Sat. at 2 & 8
Sun. at 3
Valid on Orchestra and Mezzanine A-H seats,
for performances February 9 - March 22 only.

Guys & Dolls returns to Broadway!

On February 4th, GUYS AND DOLLS - Frank Loesser's hilarious musical tale of two New York couples betting on love despite the odds - is back home on20Broadway in a swingin' new production directed by two-time Tony® winner DES McANUFF (Jersey Boys).


(Orch/Front Mezz)

Reg. $126.50

Reg. $91.50
Use code TMANIA

Leading the dynamite cast are Emmy® and Tony nominee OLIVER PLATT (Shining City, "Huff") and Golden Globe nominee LAUREN GRAHAM ("Gilmore Girls," Evan Almighty) as good ol' Nathan Detroit and Miss Adelaide. Tony nominee CRAIG BIERKO (The Music Man) and KATE JENNINGS GRANT (Proof) are Sky Masterson and his unlikely love, Sarah Brown.

With its score of unforgettable songs including "Luck Be a Lady" and "Sit Down, You're Rockin the Boat," GUYS AND DOLLS is the quintessential Broadway experience. And this sexy new production promises to thrill fans and first-timers alike! So place your bets with this EXCLUSIVE OFFER, and GET IN THE GAME!

Performance Schedule:
Feb. 3 - 28:
Tues - Sat at 8pm,< br> Wed & Sat at 2pm,
Sun at 3pm
Beginning Mar. 2:
Tues at 7pm,
Wed - Sat at 8pm,
Wed & Sat at 2pm, Sun at 3pm

To learn more, visit

Primary Stages presents SHIPWRECKED!

Primary Stages presents
A New York Premiere by Donald Margulies

The show that received raves across
the country arrives in one week!

"Winning, touching, unmissable!"

"Just what the title promises: a delightful, often playful piece of candy."
-The New York Times

"A deft literate narrative folded into a vaudevillian romp with radio theater overtones.
Rich with surprises!"
-LA Times

"A delicious ode to the power of storytelling."
-LA Daily News

Dare to be whisked away in a story of exotic islanders, rustic vessels and the high seas. Shipwrecked! An Entertainment -- the story of one man and his crews' incredible journey that truly sparks the imagination. Don't miss this opportunity to experience storytelling at its simple best, and live theater at its purest. Shipwrecked! An Entertainment lands in New York for 6 weeks only! Buy your tickets today and see what everyone has been talking about.

From the writer of Sight Unseen, Collected Stories and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Dinner with Friends, Donald Margulies returns to Primary Stages where his play The Model Apartment won him an Obie Award for Playwriting.

(reg $60)

January 27 - March 7

Tues at 7pm, Wed-Friday at 8pm, Sat at 2pm & 8pm, Sun at 3pm

The Phantom of the Opera in Los Angeles


Andrew Lloyd Webber's THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, directed by Harold Prince and choreo'd by Gillian Lynne, will return for the first time to the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood in over a decade. With worldwide grosses estimated at over $5 billion, it is the most successful entertainment venture of the twentieth century. The winner of seven Tony(r) Awards, including Best Mus ical, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA has been seen by over 80 million people in 124 cities in 25 countries. In January 2006, it became the longest-running show in Broadway history and celebrated an unprecedented milestone in January 2008 when it reached its twentieth anniversary on Broadway.

Based on the classic novel Le Fantôme de l'Opéra by Gaston Leroux, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA tells the story of a masked figure who lurks beneath the catacombs of the Paris Opera House, exercising a reign of terror over all who inhabit it. He falls madly in love with an innocent young soprano, Christine, and devotes himself to creating a new star by nurturing her extraordinary talents and by employing all of the devious methods at his command.

Jan 21-Feb 21, The Pantages Theatre, 6233 Hollywood Blvd., 213.365.3500,,


The Original Is Back - The Ultimate Street Dance Competition! $5,000 in cash & prizes. Music by LA's Hottest DJs plus - Master street dance classes in Locking, Popping and Hip-Hop. All ages welcome 10am-5pm / Showtime 12pm. For Info: / For Tickets: Sun, Jan 25, 2009 @ The Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles, CA 90015.

Opportunity: Cutting Edge Childrens Performing Arts Project is looking for staff!


Cutting edge children's performing arts project is seeking to expand it's teaching staff. Part time opportunities now available in our dance department. Experience in Hip Hop and Tap classroom and private instruction required, degree considered a plus.
We are a fast paced company that operates year round with summer camp involving 6 full scale productions with 200+ children.
We offer a competitive pay scale and the opportunity to learn and grow.
Please submit Professional/ Educational resume and head shot.

Dancewear & Shoes Available!

Dear Dance Friends,

I have had a retail dancewear shop for 19 years and with advent of my present circumstances (living in two places 3 hours apart) and a dreadful economy, the store has become more of a burden than it is worth. I am not going to close completely but I am looking to significantly reduce on shelf merchandise and go to an order-only system until the economy recovers. I would very much like to move my stock of pointe shoes as I do not want them to sit on the shelves and age beyond good usage. They are BLOCH and a variety of styles mostly in sizes 3.5 to 6.5 in a variety of widths. I am looking to move them in bulk at $40 per pair plus tax and shipping (if necessary) or $35/pair if 10 pair or more.

I also have a wide array of leotards if you are in need of costume bases or classwear, slippers,jazz shoes, Soffee products, children's ballet books, accessories for pointe, hair, make up and so on.

Please let me know if you have

* an interest in any products

* a special request or need

* a vending opportunity.

* a contact for someone who might be in need of product supply
In this economy it is important that we all help each other and so I thank you for your assistance.


Kathryn Austin

Kathryn W. Austin, MA, RDE, CLM
Dance Educator, Writer and Advocate
PO BOX 771518
Winter Garden, FL 34777

Sign the Petition for Secretary of Arts!

Secretary of Arts
Quincy Jones has started a petition to ask President Obama to appoint a Secretary of the Arts. While many other countries have had Ministers of Art or Culture for centuries, The United States has never created such a position. We in the arts need this and the country needs the arts--now more than ever. Please take a moment to sign this important petition and then pass it on to your friends and colleagues.



All auditions will start at 8am in: Miami, FL Feb 3; Los Angeles, CA Feb 12; Denver, CO March 12; Memphis, TN March 16; Seattle, WA March 28. You MUST check regularly for essential information regarding your audition, your music options and ALL audition updates. Audition details in these cities are presently available on A4D's Audition Pages.

OPPORTUNITY: Teachers needed in Seol, Korea


Hello. I'm Jeanne Lehman ( and am the Dean of ICA in Seoul, Korea. Tina is one of the dance instructors I hired and we've all been here since the end of July. Contracts are up soon, and we are seeking replacements to teach dance, voice, and acting to students from Kindergarten to adult and professionals. The emphasis is on elementary students at this time, with a few classes for high school, adults, and professionals.
Needed, are candidates with the following skills:
• Graduate degree (recent grads are being considered along with experienced performers)
• Experience teaching children.
• ESL teaching experience
• Choreography/Directing experience
• Ability to play piano/read music
• Passions for introducing students to English through Musical Theatre.

ICA ( is a privately owned Musical Theatre Academy located the Gangnam area of Seoul. Along with a competitive salary (depending on experience), ICA provides:
• Housing
• round trip airfare
• medical insurance
• severance pay at end of the contract
• national pension
• 2 weeks vacation along with Korean national holidays.

Please forward my email to anyone interested (put ICA in the subject or I won't open it) and have anyone interested email their picture and resume.

Thank you so much!
Jeanne Lehman