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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Danielle Hobbs updates for Jazz/modern workshop: New Modern

Danielle Hobbs updates for Jazz/modern workshop: New Modern
dance footage!

Greeetings all,

Please check out the new footage I uploaded performing The
Legendary Modern Dance Piece: Metamorphesis.

This piece achieved the National Gold Medal for Actso
NAACP, The Dorothy Chandler Spotlight Award, and was
performed for Sidney Poitier's Breast Cancer fundraiser for
a cure.

Hopefully this viewing will allow you to have me share my
skills and performing secrets and choreograph special works
on your dance company, for upcoming compeitions, and/or
jazz/modern workshop! Or maybe you know some one that has a
dance studio looking for special work.

Latest Commercial work and choreography have been Beyonce
"Baby Boy- Goddess in the sand solo", "DE JA VU- African
solo", "Beautiful Liar-w/Shakira", and parts of "The
Beyonce Experience: The Ultimate Performer Tour!"

Latest Theater Equity Works have been "Ode to Claude"-
Choregraphed by Matthew Dickens, (Tribute to famed
choregrapher Claude Thompson), "Purlie"- Pasadena
Playhouse- directed by Legendary Sheldon Epps and
choreographed by Ken Roberson, "Aida"- Actor's Playhouse in
Coral Gables, Maimi, and "For Colored Girls Who Considered
Suicide-Lady in Purple"

Danielle holds a BA of Dance, with an emphasis in Dunham,
Graham, and Horton, and tons of commercial dance
experience, therefore she has the best of both worlds.
Feel free to invite her to your studio for a Great

Look out for her first book: "I Dance: All you need to
know about becoming a working dancer." coming soon.


Danielle Hobbs
310 936 1319

Danielle Hobbs performing: Metamorphesis:

Danielle "Danigirl" Hobbs Dance/Choreographer Montage:

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