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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Charlotte Dance Festival Upcoming Events

Charlotte Dance Festival Upcoming Events
Dancing in the Streets
November 13th, Noon – 1:30pm
Location: Starting at the Main Public Library on Tryon
Street traveling down Tryon to Wachovia Plaza
See dance in a new perspective during your lunch break!
Dancers will perform site-specific works along their path
down Tryon Street.
What: Dance Charlotte!
Who: Charlotte Dance Festival
When: November 14 and 15 @ 8pm
Where: Booth Playhouse, Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
in Uptown Charlotte
Tickets: $15 Adult Ticket Pre-Sale Discount until November

$20 for Adults after November 7
$10 for students always
Box Office: or call Blumenthal Box
Office at 704-372-1000
Contact Person: Caroline Calouche, Festival Director
Inquires: or 704-804-2731
One of the Charlotte Dance Festival's most popular events
is back – Dance Charlotte! at Booth Playhouse on November
14 and 15. You will be able to see spectacular dance works
from the following choreographers and companies: Daniel
Gwirtzman, Christian von Howard, Stephanie Milling, Alice
Howes, Nicole C. Lalibertè, E.E. Motion and Caroline
Calouche & Co.
Opening the program will be the Charlotte Dance Festival
Repertory Ensemble performing a historic modern dance work,
Greek Dreams with Flute, choreographed by a forerunner in
American Dance, Erick Hawkins (1909 -1994). Erick Hawkins
received the President's Medal for the Arts at the White
House on October 14, 1994 from President Clinton. In the
President's words: "For his boldness and talent he commands
a legendary place in the American Modern Dance
heritage…truly a pioneer."
Katherine Duke, a Charlotte native and Artistic Director of
the Erick Hawkins Foundation, cast Greek Dreams with Flute
during the CDF Summer Workshop in August. 'Giving back to
the Charlotte cultural community was an amazing experience!
When I was growing up in Charlotte in the 1970s there were
very little professional arts happening. I'm so glad to
see such a huge growth!' said Katherine Duke in August.
Come learn how modern dance has influenced today's
choreographers at Dance Charlotte!

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