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Friday, September 26, 2008

Women in Hip Hop event Oct 4th

New York: October 4, 2008
The Hip Hop Culture Center announces The Impact of Women in
Hip Hop, an exclusive event honoring women who have leaped
across barriers and blazed a trail in the hip hop industry.
Saturday, October 4th

The Hip Hop Culture Center
Magic Johnson Theater
2ND Floor of the
2309 Frederick Douglass Blvd
Harlem NY NY USA

(212) 234-7171
Introducing this year's honorees:
Cindy Campbell: The talented 1st Lady of Hip Hop Cindy
Campbell is the catalyst for the humble beginnings of Hip
Hop. Cindy had a vision to organize a back to school party.
Little did she know that her party, DJ'd by her now famous
brother, the legendary founder of Hip Hop, Kool Herc was to
become known as The Beginning of Hip Hop.
Sha Rock: Sha-rock, the 1st Pioneer Luminary Emcee,
originally from the group known as The Funky Four Plus 1
has created a legacy for generations of females to look up
to. Her trailblazing work as a Hip Hop artist deserves its
rightful place in history.
Gamilah-Lamumba Shabazz: The fourth of Malcolm X's
daughters, Gamilah has continued her father's legacy of
empowerment and education through her work with urban youth
and her use of Hip Hop as a platform for her message of
unity and change.
Sheri Sher of Mercedes Ladies: Sheri Sher is a founding
member of The Mercedes Ladies, the first all-female MC and
DJ crew in the history of hip hop. Sheri has also worked in
the psychiatry and criminal justice fields, and she
frequently speaks to young women about self-empowerment.
She lives in Harlem U.S.A. and has recently published a
Mercedes Ladies, the novel.
Dream Hampton: A Hip-Hop journalist who in 1990 became the
first woman on staff at The Source magazine, she has penned
essays on misogyny, police brutality and global issues. As
a contributing writer at Vibe, she wrote career defining
articles. Her essays and articles have appeared in a dozen
Tamekia Flowers: Founder and president of Hip Hop 4 health,
a non profit organization dedicated to use hip hop to
promote health awareness. Hip Hop 4 health partners with
health industry professionals to educate tweens (8-12) and
teens (13-17) on health issues through interactive
workshops, health fairs, concerts and empowerment seminars.
Amanda Diva: An accomplished poet, journalist, radio &
television personality, scholar (she has a Master's degree
in African-American Studies), singer, and lyricist, Amanda
Diva is definitely the best kept secret in female emcees.
The Impact of Women in Hip Hop will celebrate the successes
and contributions of women in Hip-Hop through art
exhibitions, film screenings, special performances and key
note speeches. Additionally, this event will be used as a
platform to educate and empower the community. There will
be a voter's registration drive, free HIV screenings, and
countless resources on site to promote heath and wellness.
Many events and performances, 11am - after midnight.

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