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Friday, September 26, 2008

DADV Foundation Event

Dear Alderman and Community:

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As you may
already know, Domestic Violence is a widespread societal
problem that affects each and every member of our
community, whether directly or indirectly.

DADV Foundation, "Dancers Against Domestic Violence" is
planning an educational outreach effort in order to raise
awareness about Domestic Violence. Several events will
take place during October at a multitude of venues. You
may request this service in your ward. Purple Ribbon Days
will take place every Friday in October until we have
distributed all of our DV information palm cards,
give-a-ways and purple ribbons. We are targeting various
public transportation stops in Chicago. The palm cards
will contain information regarding DV victim's rights,
abusive relationship warning signs and how to get help. It
is our goal is to inform those who may need helpful
resources or to provide information that someone can share
with friends, co-workers, neighbors, or anyone who may be a
victim of domestic violence. We do not provide direct
counseling services.

We need your help to attain our goals to turn this event
into a successful one that will continue as long as needed.
We are in dire need of donations to purchase 10,000 pieces
of candy, purple ribbons for DV Awareness and 10,000
information palm cards to hand out throughout Chicago
during the month of October. Please call 773.620.2887 to
volunteer, donate a dance performance or class, or make a
monetary donation to DADV Foundation, 5616 S. Honore St.,
Chicago, IL 60636

Please help us to reach out to as many people as possible
to bring awareness, education and referrals to those who
need a safe place for themselves and their children.

We are also offering Katherine Dunham Dance Classes to
Seniors starting October 24, 2008. The cost is $3 per
class. If you would like to sponsor a senior to be able to
take the class free please email Laurie at or call 773.620.2887.

Please don't hesitate to call for more information. Thank
you in advance for your generous donation.


Laurie J. Goux, Executive Director
DADV Foundation
"Dancers Against Domestic Violence"
5616 S. Honore Street
Chicago, IL 60636

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