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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crazy Sexy Disco Brings the Glamour and Fantasy of the 70's to DUMBO

Crazy Sexy Disco Brings the Glamour and Fantasy
of the 70's to DUMBO Let's Boogie Baby!

Crazy Sexy Disco( New York , NY ) Wednesday, January 14, 2009—A new type of dance show emerges at a time where we can fall back in love with sequins, afros and disco balls. Crazy Sexy Disco has announced their eclectic performance gig at The Underwater Lounge at Water Street Restaurant in DUMBO, Brooklyn . Every third Thursday of the month from January through March, a new generation of fun-loving party-goers can experience this disco-liscous production starting at 9pm. Tickets are $20 and there's a two drink minimum.
The show is an hour and fifteen minute trip into the disco nightlife including interactive stories of love triangles, 70's classics and fond memories of 'the good life, as it was thirty years ago. Nine dancers, one vocalist and the MC (Jimbo Smiley) entertain audiences with an unforgettable night. (Did we mention there are roller-skates?)
The show appeals to the generations that lived through the disco era and warmly welcomes new audiences to this full-scale production.
Charging up the East Coast, Crazy Sexy Disco was booked for New Year's Eve at Boogie Nights, one of Atlantic City 's hottest nightclubs. Jen James made the comment, "The energy level was through the roof. Many disco devotees are already coming to see our NYC show. They're even planning to dress up in bell bottoms and fringed vests to get into the mood. DISCO is officially back!"
The show is produced, directed and choreographed by leading artists Jen James, Liz Piccoli and Svea Schneider. Together, their experience spans from the NYC Metropolitan Opera, Knicks City Dancers, MTV, Decadancetheatre and Pink and now lends itself to future off-Broadway spots.
"Dance is so hot in pop culture right now. Spectators that love Dancing with the Stars will be hooked on with Crazy Sexy Disco. Match that with the tremendous impact that hip hop has made on Broadway with In the Heights and we're seeing a new phase of live dance entertainment on the rise," Svea Schneider.
Pay a visit to this show every third Thursday of the month at The Underwater Lounge at Water Street Restaurant in DUMBO. For more information, please visit or call Liz Piccoli at 201.245.2015. Crazy Sexy Disco is available for private and corporate bookings.
"Crazy Sexy Disco fortunately ensures that a love of 70's music is a vibrant, fun time that we can revel in, not have to hide as a guilty pleasure," Charl Kroeger
To get a glimpse of this glittery scene, click HERE to see the promotional flyer.
For press inquiries, to book the show or buy tickets, please contact:
Liz Piccoli, 201.245.2015

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