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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Djoniba Centre Class Schedule

Djoniba Centre January schedule of classes in a temporary
location at

305 West 38th Street & 8 Avenue, NYC

For more details go to You can also Watch
Djoniba Centre closing featured on Chanel 11 News

MONDAY 6-7:30: Adv / Sabar with Babacar
7:30-9: Beg-Basic African with Djoniba
7:30-9: African Bugarabu with Malang (Starts Feb 2)
TUESDAY 6-7:30: Afro-Carribean with Richard
6-7:30: Brazilian Dance with Velly Bahia
6-730: Congolese with Fumilayo
7:30-9: Samba with Danielle
WEDNESDAY 6-7:30: Haitian Dance with Peniel
6-7:30 Sabar with Babacar
7:30-9: Beg-Basic African Dance with Djoniba
7:30-9: West-African with Marie Basse Feb 28
THURSDAY 6-7:30: Afro-Carribean with Richard
7:30-9: Brazilian Dance with Velly Bahia
FRIDAY 6-7:30: Beg-Basic African Dance with Djoniba
7:30-9: Haitian Dance with Peniel
SATURDAY 12:30-2: Beg-Basic African Dance with Djoniba
2-3:30: Afrobrazilian with Michelle
3:30-5 African Dance with Maguette
5-6:30: Afro-Carribean with Richard
6:30-8: African Dance with Marie Basse
SUNDAY 3:30-5: Samba with Danielle
5-6:30: Beg Basic african with Djoniba (Instead of 6:30)
BE A PART OF OUR "50,000 HUMANS DONATE $2" to Rebuild
Djoniba Center campaign!
Invite your friends to make a tax-deductible donation of $2
YES, WE CAN! Peace & Blessings.
Djoniba Mouflet.
Ps: please expose our story to politicians, celebrities and
the media.
(Press release, pictures, video and other infos are
available at
For: Djoniba Dance and Drum Centre
37 East 18th Street 7th Floor New York, NY
10003 Tel: 212 477-3464
Press Contact: Maia Claire Garrisson

January 19th, 2009
Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre, the legendary New YorkCity
dance school and not-for-profit organization, closed its
doors on
December 31st 2008 after 15 years of "exceptional
contributions to our city",
(the council of NYC). Hit by the economic crisis -- with
fewer students
attending classes -- and a major rent increase, DDDC had no
other option
but to sadly shut down.
The immediate result is 55 teachers and drummers losing
their jobs.
Hundreds of children from lower income families losing the
opportunity to
receive free dance scholarships, along with thousands of
adult students
losing their community workout, a place to release stress
and convene
"Since its establishment, Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre-one
of New York
City's largest minority-owned cultural centers- has
dedicated itself to
connecting men and women of all ages and ethnicities
through the arts.
In a letter of June 2007, Mayor Bloomberg wrote, "As we
look back on the
incredible accomplishments of DDDC's 15 years, we also look
forward to
Even greater achievements on the horizon."
"I am confident that the New York community and government
who understand the profound impact that our philosophy and
ethnic dance
taught in our institution has on so many lives, will rally
up and help us
continue our mission of providing health, fitness, and
harmony amongst
New Yorkers" says the founder Djoniba Mouflet.
DDDC needs funds for a new home and is urgently seeking
aid. You can
make donations on line at or by mail.
Contributions will
allow for construction, fundraising, architectural design,
web design,
building materials, office furniture and equipment,
Who knows how long this economic climate will last -but
what kind of city
will be left when it's over, if we allow our community
owned cultural institutions
to close?
About Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre
Since its inception in 1992, as a not-for-profit cultural
and charitable
organization, The Djoniba Dance and Drum Centre has strived
to celebrate
our global diversity through world dance and music and is
dedicated to
bridging the gap between all ages, ethnic groups,
and cultures through dance and music. The Centre is one of
New York
City's largest minority-owned dance studio, and the only
cultural center in the
world specializing in multi-ethnic dance and drum. The
Centre serves thousands of
adults and children annually, has a roster of 35 master
teachers dancers and
drummers, who teach more than 100 dance classes per week in
more than 30
different styles of movement and music from around the
Founded and directed by Djoniba Mouflet, the
drummer, dancer, teacher, performer and choreographer, the
houses three dance studios, a children's program and
an adult evening program. DDDC has become a popular
cultural and
fitness spot, attended by celebrities like Tyra Banks,
Julia Roberts, Brook
Shields and featured in several magazines, newspapers and
major TV shows.
Awarded "Best New York Dance School" several years in a row
by The
Village Voice, New York Magazine, New York Press and AM New
DDDC has also been recognized by city officials-including
Mayor Bloomberg,
The City Council, Manhattan Borough president Scott M.
Stringer, as well
as NY State Assembly N. Godfrey for its outstanding service
to the NY community.
"I applaud Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre for your strong
commitment to
the culture and community." Richard N. Godfrey / New York
State Assembly
"It is the tradition and custom of the New York City
Council to honor its most
distinguished citizens, and today we are pleased to
recognize Djoniba Dance &
Drum Centre, Inc for its exceptional contributions to our
City. Today, we honor
Djoniba Dance & Drum Centre, Inc an organization that has
distinguished itself
in service to the community: is has enriched us with its
presence and achievements
and is worthy of the esteem of all New Yorkers"
Proclamation by The Council of the City of New York.

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