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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Message from Rusty Frank: Where’s Rusty?

A Message from Rusty Frank:

Greetings Gates,

Where's Rusty? I'll tell you. I'm freezing my dancing feet off! I'm in New York from January 16-23 on a lecture tour.
Ron and Gio will make sure that the Lindy ByThe Sea classes are fun-filled and informative! Robert Vangor and the gang will make sure the Rhythm Club is the best possible. (I want to hear how packed the club was!)
Go ahead and make your On Tap orders; I'll take care of orders upon my return.
I'll have access to email, so if you have any questions, feel free to email me, or go directly to the
If you are reading this and live around Albany, NY (or know someone who does), the schedule is below. I would love to see you.
Here's a brief description of what I'll be doing there: I'm on a lecture tour in and around Albany. I'll be giving fourteen one-hour talks on the history of American Jazz Dance (Cake Walk, Charleston, Tap, Lindy Hop), showing archival clips, demonstrating, and generally spreading the joy of dance to the masses. The talks are geared to small audiences in libraries and local community centers to ignite interest in an upcoming Jazz Dance festival at the big performing arts center in Albany, which is called The Egg. The great thing is they are providing me a driver! Yeah. I had originally thought they were going to give me a rental car, a map, and a GPS. So I am quite thrilled that I won't have to be driving in the freezing cold, and, most importantly, I will be dropped off at the door of each place!
So have a great time in my absence. Thank all the volunteers at the Rhythm Club when you're there, and be nice to Ron and Gio (well, to Ron, anyway - wink, wink).

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