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Friday, January 16, 2009

Capezio's Grand Opening Celebration! Visit our NEW Location!

Capezio Dance Theare Shop

Upper West Side
201 Amsterdam at 69th Street
New York, NY


Friday,January 23, 2009

Plus special giveaways, prizes, refreshments and dance
celebrity appearance to include ABT solist Stella Abrera.

For more information please call 212.586.5140


dance said...

You may wonder why you would want to invest in a name like Capezio when there are so many other brands. It's true that you have an assortment of other dancewear you could purchase but are they of the same quality as Capezio.

dance said...

You may then decide to put on a Capezio dance shoe and feel like it was made just for you. The difference in brands is the quality of material and design of the shoe. Companies that have a long history of experience in dance shoes understand what it takes to make a shoe comfortable and light on your feet.

dance said...

Footwear used in dance and should be lighter, flexible and soft. There are different types of dance shoes like jazz, swing, men's, women's, Capezio, and tango dance shoes. These are heel-less slippers made of leather or canvas. The sole is traditionally made of leather.