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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jane Goldberg's Shoot Me While I'm Happy

Jane Goldberg's Shoot Me While I'm Happy: Memories from the Tap Goddess of the Lower East Side, with foreword by the late Gregory Hines, has just been published. The book is available in hardback or paperback.

If you order through, you will receive the limited edition bonus DVD.

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In rhythm and schmooze,
Jane Goldberg, Director
Changing Times Tap Dancing Company, Inc.


A bonus DVD with By Word of Foot: Tap Masters Pass On Their Tradition (1980) plus excerpts of Rhythm & Schmooze will be included, if you order the book through!

About the book...
This is not a history of tap dancing. It is one determined woman's highly personal account of falling in love with and living the tap life. One of the linchpins behind the Great Tap Revival of the 1970s and 80s, Jane Goldberg tracked down, studied with, and performed alongside some of the tap greats of the twentieth century. In the process, she came up with a genre all her own Rhythm & Schmooze.

A romantic, Goldberg thought tap dancing would provide the most direct route to finding a partner like Fred Astaire. It did not, she discovered quickly. What she did discover, however, were her happy feet. Those feet, combined with great tenacity and endless curiosity, led her to ferret out a generation of show biz hoofers who had involuntarily gone underground. Shoot Me While I m Happy the title comes from an old vaudeville expression captures a wealth of memories both wacky and touching.

About Jane Goldberg...

One of the people who had a tremendous impact (on tap) was Jane Goldberg. Sometimes I think she single-footedly brought tap back to the city . . . Jane Goldberg presents people actually showed up! And we in the community felt that someone was actually looking
- The Late Gregory Hines

Jane Goldberg's memoir is like one of her famous tap-dance performances. It is easy, breezy, fast-moving, exciting, funny. You will learn things about tap and Jane that you cannot get simply by watching her on-stage.
- Howard Zinn, Professor Emeritus, Boston University

Contact Information
Jane Goldberg, Director
Changing Times Tap Dancing Company, Inc.
310 Greenwich Street #13K
New York, NY 10013
Phone: (212) 393-1182

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