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Friday, December 21, 2007

Words from the Wise seeking new stories!

Saving our Heritage, One Story at a Time!

Words from the Wise is in the process of a nationwide
search to collect stories from the 50+ generations and
publish them in a book. We want to chronicle the wisdom of
the most experienced people. Whether it's your story or the
story of your parents or grandparents, we want to hear it!

Read about the project:

We're looking for stories in the areas of:

Personal Achievement
Discovery and Inventions
Generations of Globalization
World Events
We expect many of the stories will make us feel good,
however, we are not simply looking for 'feel good' stories.
We want to know what really happened for you, for your
family, or for your community. Your contributions will shed
light on the human condition and weave a tapestry of a
generation through personal stories. We anticipate your
stories will create a sense of connection to humanity,
inspiration for life, gratitude for our current living
conditions, and hope that it's never too late to make a

Find out more about the guidelines by visiting:

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