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Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday classes at BDC, Gypsy of the Year, & more!

Happy Holidays Everyone,
I hope you're not too stressed. I wanted to let you know a
few things that are coming up.

Tomorrow, Thursday is our holiday class at BDC. There's
usually chocolate involved and some silly Christmas combo
so get out your tap shoes, Francis and head on over.

Sunday the 23rd, Dana Moore will be teaching my theatre
dance class. Remember, she's the epitome of Fosse and one
of the nicest women I know. I'll be back the following

Subbing at Steps!
I'm subbing 8 classes at Steps in the next couple of weeks.
Here's the schedule:
Friday, Dec. 28: 7:45 Beg. Tap
Monday, Dec. 31: 11:30 Beg. Tap
1:00 Basic Tap
Wednesday, Jan 2: 11:30 Beg. Tap
1:00 Basic Tap
Friday, Jan. 4: 7:45 Beg. Tap
Monday, Jan. 7 11:30 Beg. Tap
1:00 Basic Tap

And a reminder: Starting Saturday, January 5, my Sunday
theatre dance class at BDC moves to Saturdays at 4:30.
It's the ONLY theatre dance class on Saturdays so I hope to
see you there.

I guess that's all the news that's fit to print. If I
don't see you before the holiday please have a safe and
happy one.

2007 Gypsy of the Year

At the 2007 Gypsy of the Year awards original cast members
of "West Side Story" joined current Broadway gypsies in an
amazing and historical opening number celebrating the 50th
anniversary of the show. If you were there, here it is
again, with a bonus rehearsal video. (almost better than
the real thing). If you weren't there, please enjoy.
Video does not do it justice--but it's still phenomenal.

Best Wishes,

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