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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Robin Dunn's F.A.C.E. Workshop Winter 2009

The AILEY Extension
& E.D. Entertainment

Robin Dunn's F.A.C.E. Workshop Winter 2009
For the performer in YOU!
January 25 - March 8, 2008

Robin Dunn's F.A.C.E. (Focus, Attitude, Confidence, Energy
and Eye Contact) is a formal technique designed to aid
artists and business professionals with attaining their
ultimate power on stage, on camera and in the workplace.

Over seven weeks, Robin will offer tools and techniques to
help artists and business professionals project who they
really are with confidence and self-assurance. Participants
will also have the unique opportunity to perform in front
of industry panelists who will provide invaluable feedback
on their progress at Robin Dunn's F.A.C.E. showcase on
March 1st, 2009.

Workshop Cost:

$210.00 - Full seven week workshop
Save $15 when you purchase before Monday, January 19, 2009!

$225.00 - Full seven week workshop
(After January 19, 2009)
$35.00 - Single class
$17.50 - Observation Rate

$15.00 - F.A.C.E. Showcase
Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Ailey Studios
The Joan Weill Center for Dance
405 West 55th St. (at 9th Avenue)
New York, NY 10019
About Robin Dunn's F.A.C.E.:

F.A.C.E. an acronym for Focus, Attitude, Confidence, Energy
and Eye Contact is a method designed to aid performing
artists with being powerful on stage and on camera. It is
also designed to aid business professionals with being more
confident in the work place. F.A.C.E. helps artists to
enhance their technical skills as well as increasing stage
presence and personality. It is a liberating tool to free
artists and business professionals to be who they really
are and project the same to the outer world - their

F.A.C.E. will connect you with the performer you are and
provide you with the tools necessary to compete in today's
world. Auditions and even interviews can be challenging and
F.A.C.E. provides the tools to manage nervousness, low
self-esteem, and lack of focus.

About Robin Dunn:

Robin Dunn is a trained dancer and graduate of Bernard M.
Baruch College where she received a BA in Marketing. In
2006 and 2007, she presented her patented F.A.C.E. Method
to over 2,000 marketing professionals in Moscow, where
Robin and her program received rave reviews. Robin Dunn has
worked with a number of recording artists throughout her
career, including Raven Symone, Missy Elliott, Heather
Headley and Sean Kingston. Currently, Robin Dunn is a
respected instructor at The Ailey Studios, The Ailey
School, Steps on Broadway and Hunter College. Robin is also
a teaching artist for Young Audiences in New York City and
continues to spread the art of Hip Hop dance through
education and performance.

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