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Friday, September 19, 2008

New York premiere of new Superhero Tap Dance Opera

New York premiere of new Superhero Tap Dance Opera

Chicago Tap Theatre and The New York Musical Theatre Festival Present

The Hourglass and the Poisoned Pen
A Superhero Tap Dance Opera
Dates and information
Visit or call 212-352-3101
for more information and tickets.
Saturday, Sep 27th at 8:00 pm
Sunday, Sep 28th at 1:00 pm
Sunday, Sep 28th at 4:00 pm
Manhattan Movement & Arts Center
248 West 60th Street
New York, NY, 10023

Don't miss what the critics have been raving about!
When Superheroes, live theater and tap dancing collide, the
result is Chicago Tap Theatre's The Hourglass and the
Poisoned Pen. Part story ballet, part summer blockbuster
and all rhythm, this is the production that set Chicago on
fire. The show was created with the assistance of famed
comic book artist and writer Andrew Pepoy (Batman, Fables,
Simpsons). With a cast of ten male and female dancers, all
of whom excel in both tap and other forms of dance, and
moments of intense action, irresistible humor and heartfelt
emotion, choreographer and director Mark Yonally not only
creates a whole new world for The Hourglass through his
choreography – he also creates a unique new spin on the art
of tap dance.
What Chicago critics said about the Hourglass and the
Poisoned Pen:
"choreographer Mark Yonally slam-dunks his most recent
fusion of comic books and tap dance... Yonally's Poisoned
Pen is malice incarnate, for example, in a solo whose
forceful contrapuntal dancing brings home his power and
intelligence. Fluffy yet smart, the piece lets you kick
back without going brain-dead." Laura Molzahn, Chicago
Reader, July 4-10, 2008

"A Marvel…spunky and fresh." Sid Smith, Chicago Tribune,
July 2, 2008

"You will be treated to murder, hostage-taking,
vengeance-seeking and knock-down, drag-out fighting along
the way. Each of [Chicago Tap Theatre's] dancers is a
stylish tapper deft at playing a role. And Yonally's
inventive choreography never fails to make tap a great deal
more than simple telegraphy." Hedy Weiss, Chicago
Sun-Times, July 8, 2008
"Wonder Woman. Batwoman. The Bionic Woman. Buffy Summers.
Elastigirl. Juliette Lewis. Isis. Lavagirl. She-Ra.
Face it, chick superheroines rock. And so do tap dancers.
So when I had a free evening on this most recent holiday
weekend, I searched the entertainment listings for a show
that might satisfy both my fetishes. And suddenly, as if
Chicago Tap Theater had read my mind, I saw an ad for The
Hourglass and the Poisoned Pen – the all new Superhero Tap
Dance Opera currently playing at the Athenaeum Theater. I
gathered up my credit card and the Mrs. and made my way to
the next showing.
What is a superhero tap dance opera you ask? Well, just
enough background and plot lines are flashed on the
background of the set so you can read along as you would a
comic book. But instead of looking at drawings similar to
those that filled the notebook of that fat kid you knew in
junior high, you had some bad-ass tap dancers bringing the
action to life.
You see, sweet Elizabeth loved working in her father's
clock and watch shop until he was killed during a brutal
robbery, at which time she received the special power to
slow down time. With the encouragement of Daphne, her wacky
friend and comic book store proprietor, she decided she
needed to fulfill the obligation to use her powers for good
over the evil lurking in her town. Elizabeth, after
receiving a gift from Daphne containing her superheroine
costume of a blue suit, fishnets and yellow tapdancing
go-go boots, transforms into The Hourglass, while Daphne
captured my heart with her transformation into The
Secondhand and her Chuck Taylor tapshoes. Does it get any
cooler than that? Hell no.
The rest of the evening was a series of tap dance scenes
covering everything from tap dancing muggers to tap dancing
street fights to tap dancing workplace skullduggery and
general tap vigilante justice.
So if you're in Chicago, check it out. If not, I feel bad.
As for me, I'll be super-glueing some taps on my own Chuck
Taylors and filling out my application for the Justice Legs
of America."
Posted by Sid F'er at 6:23 PM, Friday, July 11, 2008,

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