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Monday, August 11, 2008

The History of Los Angeles Graffiti Art Vol 2, 1989-1994

The History of Los Angeles Graffiti Art
Volume 2, 1989-1994


The release date for "The History of Los Angeles Graffiti Art, Volume 2, 1989-1994" has been postponed until November 2008. We thank you for your support and will communicate the exact date shortly.
About the Book

The History of Los Angeles Graffiti Art Volume 2, 1989-1994 assembles over 95 interviews of the most talented and prolific graffiti artists from the heyday of L.A.'s burgeoning urban art scene. Some of the writer's featured in Volume 2 are Skill, Anger, Haze, Chaka, Severe, Coax, Duce, Ganas, Jimer, Krush, Feevo, Oiler, Bruin, Vyal, Pranks, Kofie, Toomer, Hex TGO, Power, Sacred and so many more. This volume, like the first, is unlike any other book on the graffiti art phenomena. It is a collaborative effort by active graffiti writers who are dedicated to exposing the realities of this subculture.

The graffiti writers interviewed in this volume have gone on to become some of the most celebrated and sought after artists of the 21st century. This book provides in-depth narratives from graffiti writers and artists who have hitherto only been know via their licit and illicit wall art and through urban lore. As graffiti artists themselves, the publishers, editors, and designers of this extensive volume have made certain that all the narratives and photos represent this true urban art form in a way that both educates readers of ethnographic texts and impresses consumers of quality art-books.

In addition to first-time interviews with legends of West Coast Los Angeles graffiti art, the entire volume relies on many never-before seen photos that make the book as interesting as a photo essay as it is important as a sociological document. In addition, this book contains current photos that display the progression and influence of these writers. This book will be sought after by artists, historians, coffee-table book consumers, scholars and students in the social sciences, graffiti writers, and anyone interested in reading about and looking at one of the most talked about and often misunderstood cultural movements of all time.

True to our ethnographic approach, every attempt has been made to preserve the proper context of photos as well as maintain the essence of the quotes, stories, and histories printed in this book. These are the stories, in the writers' own words, of how they got into graffiti, and what affect this subculture, the loss of friends, and the discovery of art and the urban environment had on them. Every story and first-hand account in this volume was provided through in-person interviews and correspondence over the course of more than a year. It was important to provide a primary account of the graffiti writer's story, and each is included because it represents the experiences shared by a community of other writers.

Volume 2 contains over 420 pages and is comprised of the following sections:

Experiences - Volume 2 contains over 95 exclusive detailed interviews. These interviews are "free-style," not scripted, and are based on each writer's experience, personal views and memories.

Spotlights - Special tribute to all writers who made significant contributions and influences to the Los Angeles graffiti scene.

Pieces/Burners - Common to never seen graffiti commonly referred to as "Pieces/Burners" showcasing Los Angeles graffiti Art.

Battles - A special section dedicated to Los Angele's second era of graffiti "Battles" between some of the most prolific crews and writers of this era.

Blackbooks - Historical detailed drawings done within sketch books called "Blackbooks."

Articles - Newspaper and magazine articles related to historical Los Angeles graffiti subject matter.

R.I.P. - Memorials for all respected deceased Los Angeles graffiti artists.


The DVD supplement further delves into the culture of Los Angeles graffiti with all of the features and elements of a full-length quality documentary. This DVD stands alone in terms of its up-close, all-access, personal and unbiased perspective of everything from illegal "bombing" to modern day sanctioned graffiti "productions." Like the book, this DVD supplement enables you to look deep into the archives and personal lives of a subculture that typically thrives on secrecy as it paradoxically aims for fame and ubiquity.

About the Authors and THLAGA Team

Robert "Relax" Reiling (publisher / designer) has been involved with the the Los Angeles graffiti scene for over 24 years. He is dedicated to positively representing the Los Angeles graffiti art movement, culture, and phenomena. In addition to securing the personal narratives of graffiti artists, he continues to secure legal wall space around Los Angeles for active graffiti artists hoping to refine their skills and expose their vision to the community at large. Relax holds a Bachelor Degree in Business.

Robert "Wisk" Alva (publisher / researcher) is one of the founding fathers of the Los Angeles graffiti movement. In addition to educating an entire generation of West Coast writers with his styles and tactics as a notorious bomber during the 1980s, Wisk is proud to be recognized as one of the custodians of the Los Angeles graffiti culture with his vast collection of mementos and memories that represent every corner of the graffiti scene.

Stefano Bloch (editor) has been a bomber and member of the CBS Crew for almost 20 years. Since earning his Master's Degree at the UCLA Department of Urban Planning, he has appeared in the documentary on global graffiti Bomb It (2007), and is currently studying ethnographic research methods while translating aspects of his graffiti career and spatial/aesthetic perspective into a PhD dissertation in the Department of Geography, University of Minnesota.

"SPURN PDB" (DVD developer / designer) has brought his creative and insightful street visions and skills to the DVD supplement for this volume. His images help clarify aspects of the graffiti art movement that have been otherwise misunderstood.

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Shipping - All orders will ship out August 2008. A follow-up email will confirm the order and exact shipping date. Please contact us for details.

This Book and DVD was conceived of, published by, worked on, photographed, edited, and introduced exclusively by L.A. - based graffiti writers.

Disclaimer - The publisher and authors do not endorse vandalism of private, public or state/federal property

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