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Sunday, April 06, 2008

SUMMER INTENSIVE- One Body, One Career

ONE BODY, ONE CAREER - 3rd edition

30 June - 9 July 2008
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

After the two pilot editions in 2006 and 2007 anoukvandijk
dc, in collaboration with the Henny Jurriëns Foundation,
will organize from June 30 to July 9, 2008, the third, full
edition of the Summer Intensive 'One Body, One Career'.
With motivated, high-level professional dancers and
advanced students from around the world, the two pilot
editions of the Summer Intensive were a big success. The
possibility to study with seven experienced teachers on
understanding how different aspects of the dance profession
actually relate to each other, for all participating
dancers proved to be a big relief from the usual summer
workshop formula of presenting as many different styles and
opinions as possible. From an artistic and educational
point of view the results confirmed the teachers' beliefs
that development and personal growth as a dancer come from
an active personal engagement in the information exchange,
and not from simply copying someone else. Last but not
least, the Summer Intensive also turned out to be great fun
- taking away the normal pressure of the so end result
driven dance world.

Central focus of the program
The 'One Body, One Career' program is designed for
professional dancers and advanced students who are looking
for down-to-earth answers to the many questions that come
up when pursuing a long, healthy and successful career in
dance. The main focus of this program is on how training,
rehearsal and performance in dance can be related to one
another in a constructive manner. You will study and
exchange with experienced teachers who have specialized in
different areas of dance and movement, but who have a
common view on the specific mindset and physical awareness
that are crucial to becoming a powerful and versatile

The teachers in the Summer Intensive firmly believe
training, rehearsal and performance can and should be
complimentary elements in a dancer's daily life -
constructively feeding and guiding the dancer in his
creative work and personal development. In this intensive
we want to address this subject in depth in studio work and
in discourse. All teachers share a similar understanding of
what it takes to be a dancer, how without humor and a sense
of dignity a career can become harsh and tedious. The love
for detail marks all their teaching: subtle nuances can
make just the difference between hating and loving what you
are doing. Simply doing what you are being told is not an
effective method to work with, it's only when you
understand the functionality of what you're doing that
you're able to develop.

The use of space, both internally and externally, the
direction of energy in movement and the ways to stay
present and connected with oneself, are key elements of all
methods taught in this Summer Intensive. All approaches
together form a complementary body of knowledge and
experience that addresses a wide variety of aspects of the
dancer's professional life and defines the outlines of a
creative, intelligent and healthy dancing career.

Masterclasses and workshops
In the Summer Intensive 'One Body, One Career' you will be
able to study and practice in detail Anouk van Dijk's
movement system and training method the Countertechnique,
both in morning classes and in theory sessions. You will
also work with Alexander Technique teacher Tom Koch. The
afternoon program starts up with a collective yoga class by
Anat Geiger and is then divided into two workshops: the
first week offering the workshop 'Better awareness through
ballet and improvisation' by Daniela Graça and a partnering
workshop by Jack Gallagher and Nina Wollny, the second week
offering the improvisation workshop 'Each moment's
potential' by Michael Schumacher and the workshop 'The
grace of falling' by Anouk van Dijk. In this third edition
a special focus will be on how to include performance
aspects in daily training and rehearsal. All afternoon
workshops will therefore work towards an informal showing
at the end.


WEEK I (June 30 - July 4)

Mo. June 30

08:45 sign up
09:30 - 10:15 plenary opening
10:30 - 12:00 Introduction for all participants to the
Alexandertechnique (Tom Koch)
12:15 - 13:45 Group A: Countertechnique class (Anouk van
Dijk) / Group B: Countertechnique class (Nina Wollny)
13:45 - 14:45 BREAK
14:45 - 15:45 Plenary Yoga introduction (Anat Geiger)
15:45 - 18:15 Workshop 'Better awareness through ballet and
improvisation' (Daniela Graça) ór 'Partnering: the
challenge of non-verbal communication' (Nina Wollny / Jack
19:00 - 23:00 Julidans Festival performances

Tu. July 1
09:30 - 11:00 Introduction for all participants to Theory &
Fundamentals Countertechnique (A. van Dijk)
11:15 - 12:45 Group A: Countertechnique class (A. van Dijk)
/ Group B: Countertechnique class (N. Wollny)
12:45 - 14:00 BREAK
14:00 - 15:15 Yoga - plenary refueling session (A. Geiger)
15:15 - 18.15 Workshop 'Better awareness through ballet and
improvisation' (D. Graça) ór Workshop 'Partnering: the
challenge of non-verbal communication' (N. Wollny / J.
19:00 - 23:00 Julidans Festival performances

We.-Th. July 2 & 3
09:30 - 11:00 Groups A & B: Theory & Fundamentals
Countertechnique (A. van Dijk / N. Wollny) ór
Alexandertechnique (T. Koch) - groups switch until end of
11:15 - 12:45 Group A: Countertechnique class (A. van Dijk)
/ Group B: Countertechnique class (N. Wollny)
12:45 - 14:00 BREAK
14:00 - 15:15 Yoga - plenary refueling session (A. Geiger)
15:15 - 18.15 Workshop 'Better awareness through ballet and
improvisation' (D. Graça) ór Workshop 'Partnering: the
challenge of non-verbal communication' (N. Wollny / J.
19:00 - 23:00 Julidans Festival performances

Fr. July 4
09:30 - 11:00 Specialised sign-up sessions: Yoga, Alexandertechnique or Theory & Fundamentals Countertechnique
11:15 - 13:00 Group A: Countertechnique class (A. van Dijk) / Group B: Countertechnique class (N. Wollny)
13:00 - 14:15 BREAK
14:15 - 16:15 Workshop 'Better awareness through ballet and improvisation' (Daniela Graça) ór workshop 'Partnering: the challenge of non-verbal communication' (N. Wollny / J. Gallagher)
16:30 - 19:00 Showings of workshops, feedback session and plenary discussion on week I, introduction to workshops week II
20:00 - 23:00 Julidans Festival performances and Cinedans Festival showings


WEEK II (July 6-9)

Su.-Tu. July 6-8
09:30 - 11:00 Groups A & B: Theory & Fundamentals Countertechnique (A. van Dijk / N. Wollny) ór Alexandertechnique (T. Koch) - groups switch every day
11:15 - 12:45 Group A: Countertechnique class (N. Wollny) / Group B: Countertechnique class (A. van Dijk)
12:45 - 14:00 BREAK
14:00 - 15:15 Yoga - plenary refueling session (A. Geiger)
15:15 - 18:15 Workshop 'Each moment's potential' (Michael Schumacher) ór Workshop 'The grace of falling' (A. van Dijk)
19:00 - 23:00 Julidans Festival performances performances and Cinedans Festival showings showings

We. July 9
09:30 - 10:30 Groups A & B: Theory & Fundamentals Countertechnique (A. van Dijk / N. Wollny) ór Alexandertechnique (T. Koch) - groups switch every day
10:45 - 12:15 Group A: Countertechnique class (N. Wollny) / Group B: Countertechnique class (A. van Dijk)
12:15 - 13:30 BREAK
13:30 - 14:45 Yoga - plenary refueling session (A. Geiger)
15:00 - 18:00 Workshop 'Each moment's potential' (M. Schumacher) ór Workshop 'The grace of falling' (A. van Dijk)
18:30 - 21:00 Showings of workshops, discussion, snacks & drinks and plenary closing

The Countertechnique is the movement system Anouk van Dijk developed during her 20-year career as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. The Countertechnique discards with all traditional methods that seek to control movement from the pelvis or 'the core centre'. Replacing the static balance of these core centre approaches, the Countertechnique uses three-dimensional counterdirections inside and outside the body to create a highly dynamic balance, enabling the dancer to execute extreme movements and to find more versatile ways of changing direction whilst moving. Though originally developed for facilitating the particular movement style of Van Dijk's work, in practice the principles of the Countertechnique system are applicable to most forms of dance, be it modern, contemporary or classical.

On first coming into contact with the Countertechnique, most dancers find it a nerve-racking experience. Because the Countertechnique does not use the pelvis or 'core' as the center of movement, they lose control over the area that they were accustomed to using for 'holding on'. To counter this physical challenge, the classes do not focus solely on the physical implications of the system, but also actively work on increasing the mental awareness of the dancers. A conscious, optimistic presence is indeed needed to be able to apply the counterdirections in the Countertechnique. Who and where are you when you are dancing? Can you observe what you are doing instead of judging it? Can you be aware of what happens internally and externally at the same time? Can you work on technical precision and at the same time not worry about the end result? On accomplishing the state of mind to engage in these physical and mental challenges, dancers in general feel much freer in their body, start to work with more awareness and prove to be able to occupy and devour space. This new spatial awareness results in an ability to make movements explode or melt, making the dancer visible in a sharply defined way. During this Intensive the Countertechnique can be studied in various forms: a theory & fundamentals class, a technique class, a partnering workshop and the workshop 'The grace of falling'.

Anouk van Dijk graduated from the Rotterdam Dance Academy in 1985. For almost a decade she was a lead soloist with amongst others the Rotterdam Dance Group and Amanda Miller's Pretty Ugly Dance Company. Having started to make choreographies already as early as 1989, since 1996 Anouk van Dijk dedicated herself exclusively to the creation and performance of her own work. She has been running her own dance company anoukvandijk dc since 1998 and has by now created fifteen full evening works and more than twenty shorter choreographies, receiving critical acclaim from international press and audiences.

- Masterclass Countertechnique, by Anouk van Dijk and Nina Wollny
- Masterclass Alexander technique, by Tom Koch
- Masterclass Yoga, by Anat Geiger
- Workshop 'Better awareness through ballet and improvisation', by Daniela Graça
- Workshop 'Partnering: the challenge of non-verbal communication', by Jack Gallagher and Nina Wollny
- Workshop 'Each moment's potential', by Michael Schumacher
- Workshop 'The Grace of Falling', by Anouk van Dijk

In nine technique classes Anouk van Dijk and core-company member Nina Wollny will conduct a dynamic class starting with standing exercises into traveling combinations into flying jumps. You will be introduced to some of the essential themes of the Countertechnique: remaining a conscious presence while working on technical elements in the class, distributing your weight into space, focusing on the effective use of the hamstrings, separating the pelvis off the legs and the coordination with the upper body while maintaining the rotation of the legs.
In the Theory & Fundamentals classes detailed information will be given on Physical and Mental Parameters, Basic Facts of Anatomy, Directions and Counter-directions and Scanning. Simple exercises will help bring the theoretical principles into a down-to-earth practice, which helps understanding how to apply Countertechnique while dancing.

Nina Wollny has been a lead soloist in all of Anouk van Dijk's choreographies since 2002, and in recent years has also been working as a rehearsal director for the company's international projects. She studied Anouk van Dijk's Countertechnique intensively for the last six years, and in 2005 also started teaching the movement system frequently at amongst others the American Dance Festival, TSEH Summer School Moscow, and in Amsterdam at the HJS, Dansgroep Krisztina de Chatel, Artez School of Dance and the Amsterdam Theater School.

Tom Koch will conduct several morning sessions to introduce the principles of the groundbreaking Alexander Technique. The Alexander Technique is a method for applying your rational mind to solve body problems. It makes movements feel lighter and easier, helps alleviate pain and stiffness, and helps you maintain a clear and balanced state of mind. On alternate mornings during the week Tom Koch will lead the group through simple experiments designed to foster a watchful awareness of movement, or "thinking in activity". The basic principles of the Alexander Technique will be discussed and demonstrated as needed so no prior experience is required. Each day will focus on different concepts such as Where and When, Starting and Stopping, Doing and Directing.

Tom Koch has been a pioneer in integrating the Alexander Technique with dance movement. Since being certified to teach in 1987 by the American Center for the Alexander Technique in New York, he has taught group and private lessons in the Technique to members of Ballet Frankfurt, Nederlands Dans Theater, the Dutch National Ballet, Charleroi Danses, anoukvandijk dc, Tanztheater Wuppertal and many others. He has also taught classes and workshops in combining Alexander Technique with various dance techniques, together with Daniela Graça (ballet), Michael Schumacher and Vitor Garcia (improvisation) and Paul Estabrook (modern). Among his students are some of the foremost performers and creators of European dance, theater and music, such as Michael Schumacher, Dana Caspersen, William Forsythe, Amanda Miller, Anouk van Dijk, Vitor Garcia, Daniela Graça, Nina Wollny, Katie Duck, Thom Willems, Han Bennink, Hans-Peter Blochwitz, and many others.

Most dancers nowadays are familiar with the techniques and benefits that yoga can provide: it helps the body to develop strength and suppleness in the deeper muscle layers, aligning the spine and freeing unnecessary tensions. Because it is less externally and goal oriented than dance training, yoga allows the practitioner the time and space needed to work on more difficult areas, reducing the risk of injury and helping overcome existing ones. The mind becomes more focused and relaxed, able of better absorbing and retaining information, and finally yoga teaches us to work with energy in a way that allows free interaction with the surroundings without loosing the connection from within.
During these classes the focus will not be in learning one more technique, but to use yoga to improve self-awareness and enjoyment in movement so that the body/mind can become a clearer and better means of expression.

Anat Geiger studied dance and theatre from a very early age in her native Brazil. She worked with well-established theater companies and co-founded her own movement theater company, Ko Productions. After moving to Holland in 1991 she worked as a dancer in works from amongst other Michael Schumacher, Daniela Graça, Marcelo Evelin, Desiree Delauney and Mischa van Dullemen. She completed a 3-year Yoga Teacher's Training Course with Teresa Caldas in Amsterdam and was also granted a teacher's diploma by internationally renowned yoga master Dona Holleman. Anat Geiger now teaches open classes and workshops both in Holland and Brazil. She also regularly teaches with Dutch dance companies such as anoukvandijk dc, Dansgroep Krisztina de Chatel and Paul Selwyn Norton's No Apology.

On the registration form you can select one workshop per week.
Week I: 'Better awareness through ballet and improvisation' or 'Partnering: the challenge of non-verbal communication'
Week II: 'Each moment's potential' or 'The Grace of Falling'

After last year's success, Daniela Graça will be back to teach at the One Body, One Career program. In her workshop she will apply the principles of the Alexandertechnique and Countertechnique into the ballet training and further deepen the understanding of new findings through improvisation. Departing from a ballet class, the second half of the workshop takes you into your own personal movement, having as starting point the qualities, anatomical parameters or specific directions given in the ballet class. Using technical issues as a source of inspiration for improvisation and creation of own movement material, you will broaden your awareness and extend your abilities of performance. Finding the interconnectedness between training, creation and performance is the final goal of this workshop.

After having completed her training at the Brasilia Ballet Academy and the Tanzschule der Staatsoper Hamburg (direction John Neumeier) Daniela Graça danced the great classics like Gisele and Nutcracker at the Brasilia Ballet Company. Later she moved to Europe to work at the Lisbon Dance Company in Portugal and in Holland with the Rotterdamse Dansgroep. She has danced in works by a.o. Mark Haim, Igal Perry, Amanda Miller, Rui Horta, Merce Cunningham, Ton Simons, Paulo Ribeiro, Roland Schankula, Michael Schumacher, Paul Selwyn Norton, Marcelo Evelin, Anat Geiger, Leine & Roebana and with Peter Sellars on his productions of John Adam's El Nino and on Stravinsky's Biblical Pieces. Daniela has worked for many years with Anouk van Dijk as one of the first experts in Countertechnique. She has choreographed for the Lisbon Dance Company, performed her own solowork and collaborated with other choreographers. Daniela Graça has taught for 7 years at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Amsterdam and has been a regular teacher for HJS, Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel, Galili Dance, Charleroi Dance, Danceworks Rotterdam, Gulbenkian Ballet and others. Currently Daniela lives in Munich and teaches at the S.E.A.D in Salzburg and Tanzproject Münich.

This partnering workshop is derived from the Countertechnique and from the wealth of stage experience and creative process of its leaders Jack Gallagher and Nina Wollny. The course exposes the real issues at stake when bodies exchange physicality simultaneously and are in constant negotiation. Duet work is precarious and confronting: it provides a fantastic insight into our natural instincts and hidden talents. To be a great dancer is one thing, to be a great partner is still quite something else.

Wollny's and Gallagher's workshop builds up a skill base and a value system through exercises and moves on to improvisation and Van Dijk's repertoire. By focusing on creating and managing interdependency with all kinds of partners, the workshop helps you to expand your vocabulary and insights, and dance in a way that you could not do alone. The workshop will challenge you to maintain your physical accountability and distance yourself from being over-responsible. Directing and redirecting each other's weight can open up an empowering and creative third axis existing between two bodies, appearing and disappearing when necessary. The tools taught in this workshop can and will prevent injury, enable you to coordinate spontaneously with partners and open up a mutually engaged dialogue.

Jack Gallagher is a choreographer and dancer. He danced with anoukvandijk dc since 1999, as well as having worked with Alwin Nikolais, Tere O'Connor, Krisztina de Châtel and Pretty Ugly Dance Company among others. Jack Gallagher has focused in recent years on creating his own work for his company Bodies Anonymous. Since 2004 he has also been teaching Anouk van Dijk's Countertechnique internationally and appearing as a rehearsal director for Van Dijk's company.
See for Nina Wollny's resume Countertechnique masterclasses description.

Michael Schumacher is a master in teaching improvisation / instant composition and he conducted a workshop in our first Summer Intensive. We are happy he is back again for this third edition to share his great knowledge. The aim of his workshop is to develop conscious presence while improvising in performance. Each session begins with exercises that explore relationships between thought, movement and presence in the immediate environment. By promoting a greater awareness of sensory input, the performer is better equipped to realize each moment's potential for composition. The session continues with examples of structured and non-structured improvisation that include such elements as dance, music, text, and light. Through practice and theory, participants will explore a process by which they collectively experience spontaneously created compositions.

Michael Schumacher is a dancer, choreographer and collaborative artist. He received a B.F.A. in Dance from the Juilliard School and has been a member of Ballet Frankfurt, Twyla Tharp Dance, the Feld Ballet and the Pretty Ugly Dance Company. As a guest artist, Schumacher has been featured in productions of amongst others Peter Sellars, Paul Selwyn Norton, Mark Haim, Dana Caspersen and anoukvandijk dc. As a choreographer Schumacher has twice collaborated with the dancers of Ballet Frankfurt, conceived and directed The Moment (2001) for the Netherlands Dance Theater III and created the solo Michael Schumacher (2003) for the Holland Dance Festival. In collaboration with Daniela Graça, Marcelo Evelin, and Anat Geiger, he created ANDAMAMI (2000) and Glashuis (2001). Michael Schumacher now appears on stage most frequently in improvisational music and dance settings created by or related to the Magpie Music Dance Company, an Amsterdam-based collective of improvisation artists, comprising dancers, musicians, a visual artist, a lighting designer, and video artists. Michael Schumacher also conducts workshops in movement analysis and improvisation techniques worldwide.

One of the typical aspects in Anouk van Dijk's choreographic style is the use of falling: seemingly effortless gliding falls that never seem to reach the ground, but glide through the space and change direction at unexpected moments, always to postpone the moment of falling. Also the opposite occurs frequently: falls that seem unexpected, rough or risky. Both ways of falling can be done safely when applying the Countertechnique principles.

In this workshop Anouk van Dijk will use the distribution of body weight in space – one of the main principles from the Countertechnique – as a departure point. An increased awareness of space and how you can distribute your weight are necessary when you put yourself in the process of loosing control while at the same time trying to delay the fall. How can you use these elements as tools for improvisation? Focusing on the interconnectedness between internal and external perception will create a constant alert state, allowing for more risk-taking choices while improvising. You will study examples from Anouk van Dijk's repertory to find moments of total and graceful abandonment on one hand and ways of implosions and sudden collapses on the other hand.

This Summer Intensive is open to professional dancers and advanced students. Because of shared theory and practice, it is required to have an above average understanding of the English language.

To register, please send a short motivation letter plus curriculum to: When you have pre-registered, a selection will be made for definite registration. With your definite registration you give your personal choice between the two afternoon workshops. You can only select one of the workshops per week. There will be a maximum amount of participants for each workshop. Therefore: Register in time because once a workshop is full, you can no longer register for that particular workshop. You are officially registered after the payment has been received.

Costs for the Summer Intensive are 625 euro for participants who register before May 26th; costs for registration after May 26th are 650 euro. No scholarships are available. Discount tickets for Julidans Festival performances or Cinedans Festival Showings are available.

Julidans Festival is the yearly international dance festival of Amsterdam. It presents groundbreaking works of both acclaimed artists and emerging new talents from all over the world. The Julidans Festival takes place from June 30 to July 13; previous edition featured artists such as Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Akram Khan, Saburo Teshigawara, Emio Greco, Wim Vandekeybus, Les Ballets C de la B, DV8, Jan Fabre, Marie Chouinard, Mathilde Monnier and many more. More info on the 2008 edition you can find on:

Cinedans Festival is the yearly international dance film festival of The Netherlands. It presents an extensive program of dance films from all over the world. The Cinedans Festival takes place from July 3 to 10. More info you can find on:

The two festivals together bring to Amsterdam a large group of international choreographers, dancers, presenters, producers, critics and filmdirectors. For students of the Summer Intensive there is a discount program for tickets for both festivals.

HJS and anoukvandijk dc can suggest to participants from abroad housing possibilities in Amsterdam.

Note for Amsterdam residents: last year's Summer Intensive had students from Australia, Russia, North-America and various European countries, this year we expect again many students from abroad. Most of these foreign attendants need to find affordable temporary housing. Therefore: if you have housing facilities available, please let us know.

PERFORMANCE SHOT by anoukvandijk dc
For all participants arriving one or more days before the start of the workshop, anoukvandijk dc is offering a free ticket to Anouk van Dijk's performance SHOT at the summer festival De Parade in The Hague. SHOT is being performed on June 27-29 by dancers Nina Wollny, Philipp Fricke, Angie Mueller and Eva-Maria Himmler. For more information:

Henny Jurriëns Foundation
Mrs. Ineke Drabbe
tel: +31 20 412 1510
fax:+31 20 612 3159
Bellamystraat 47-49
1053 BG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

anoukvandijk dc
Mr. Jerry Remkes
t +31205289723
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