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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Second Annual Dance Parade May 17, 2008

Second Annual Dance Parade May 17 2008

New York, NY, U.S.A.
Deadline: Sat May 17, 2008
Performance Date: Saturday, May 17 2008
About Dance Parade
FESTIVAL - MAY 17 2008 A great way to increase Press,
Education, Membership and Support for your organization
DANCE PARADE danceparade.orgIn May 2007 Dance Parade New
York brought together over 4000 dancers and 13 floats down
New York's Broadway and Fifth Avenue in the first-ever
parade and festival to celebrate all forms of
dance--everything from the ancient dances to present forms,
world cultures to club. The first year success showed that
Dance Parade can and should grow to be a positive force and
energetic expression of our diverse dance communities. On
Saturday May 17th 2008 we will once again join colorful
floats, live bands and DJ's to dance in the streets to
Contra, Disco, Clogging, Ballroom, Irish Step, Hip Hop,
Swing, Ballet, Japanese, Sufi, Samba and more - All forms
of dance are represented demonstrating that Dance is a
vibrant, expressive form of art. Individual dancers can
sign up free--Register your dance organization for $100
(scholarships available see attached scholarship
application) to offset insurance and production costs--your
website link will be seen by thousands of dance interested
folks and if you don't have a website, let us know and we
can program a webpage for you! To apply for a visa,
registered participants receive an official certificate of
registration signed by the President of DanceParade. Please
make arrangements as early as possible. Please note: All
participants in the Parade and Festival are responsible for
their own transportation, housing and other needs. We are
an all volunteer run Non-Profit Organization who seeks to
show that dance is an expressive and unifying form of
art--Our aim is to educate the public on the wonderful
health and cultural benefits of dance. In doing so, we aim
to support and strengthen the role of dance in our culture.
Join Us, Volunteer, Donate or check out DanceParade.Org and
add your name to our Newsletter!

To register yourself or your group online

1. go to:
2. go to JOIN THE PARADE and click THE PARADE

3. click on the button that describes you best
4. fill out the online application
5. If you do not see your dance style listed, please select
an item that represents you the closest.
6. THEN in the SPECIAL REQUESTS Box, Please list your dance
style (we will have our tech people change that for you.
7. If you are a group, you are eligible to apply for a
8. Please make a note in the SPECIAL REQUESTS Box that you
are applying for a scholarship
9. A scholarship application has been attached for your use
in PDF and WORD format.
10. You must submit a website; however, if you do not have
one, please type in the dance parade website address
11. In the SPECIAL REQUESTS Box, please request a
complimentary webpage and we will accommodate your group if
you do not have a website or webpage of your own


ONCE YOU HAVE REGISTERED - Would you like a free Webpage?
If so, we can program a webpage for dance organizations not
already having one. Just send us a few jpeg photos, short
bio and contact information. EMAIL for
more information


ONCE YOU HAVE REGISTERED - To apply for a visa, registered
Receive an official certificate of registration signed by
the President of DanceParade.
Please make arrangements as early as possible. EMAIL



Please see the attached float price list. EMAIL Tze for
more details about renting a float or using your own
vehicle at

Deadline for float registration is April 21, 2008



ONCE YOU HAVE REGISTERED - In order to participate in the
festival, you must register for the parade first. Once you
are registered, Please send your request to our festival
director Mariana Bekerman. Her email is

When you write to her, please include the following
information such that Ms. Beckerman can begin submitting
your application for consideration to the committee for the
dance festival.

1. A Biography of your group, or some information about
your group.

2. Your groups website and

3. A video or video link



DANCE PARADE 'Fun Raisers' - A Taste of the Fun and
Excitement Ahead in the Second Annual New York Dance

We ask the dancers to come out and perform.

April 29th – International dance day
May 8th or May 9th
May 17th - POST PARTY

Send email to or . . .


DANCE PARADE DEADLINES – Scholarship, Registration, Parties
and More!

March 31, 2008 – Deadline March 31, 2008 – Scholarships Are
Available To Groups Who Submit Their Application to Dance
Parade by the End of March

April 21st, 2008 - FLOATS - Either you can create your own
float or Dance Parade can arrange one for you. Whether you
bring your float or use one of ours, it is necessary to
read, complete and send us the Float Entry Form by April
15th 2008. . . .

April 21 2008 - Last Day to Register For the Parade
Www.Danceparade.Org . . .

May 17 2008 - Dance Parade and Festival


Please contact me if you have further questions.
Be well,

Personal Contact Information
331 West 57th Street, Unit 144, New York, New York 10019
Dance Professionals Social Network . . .
The Athens Dance Network / To diktuo Xopou tis Athinas . . .

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