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Friday, November 30, 2007

A Message from Cobi Narita: Re. Closing of Cobi's Place

OR CAN OFFER A VENUE, please contact us immediately at
2122621394. THANK YOU!

A Message from Cobi Narita: Re. Closing of Cobi's Place by
the Fire Department on Nov. 9.

I'm writing to you to reassure all your readers that the
elevator is
perfectly safe, only VERY VERY SLOW. Someone who comes to
our concerts
and was upset that the elevator was so slow, reported us 5
times to the
Fire Department as having an unsafe elevator! Manny's has
the elevator
inspected, checked or looked at a minimum of at least 6
times a year,
since, yes, it is an OLD SLOW elevator.

One problem, as everyone who's been there knows, was that
the old
doors, A COUPLE TIMES IN 7 YEARS, jammed shut, would not
open to let
anyone into the elevator, and we walked down the stairs
into Manny's
and out the door to the street. Manny's staff stayed to
help us out -
no one panicked - everyone was cooperative and helpful. So
we weren't
closed due to the elevator, but because I did not have two
ways of
egress (elevator does not count).

Although I must rest a couple of months due to problems
with my
health, I am looking for another space to continue my
special three
events: vocalists' open mic, tap, and Delilah Jackson's
films. I love
these three events!

All my love,

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