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Monday, April 02, 2007

Bigbang Streetdancers Unite Level II

A message from Streetdancers:

Hello Dance Enthusiasts

We would like to invite you 2 our next level!

“Bigbang Streetdancers Unite Level II”

Hiphop dancers coming from different countries (South-Africa, England, Hungary, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, Denmark, …) will present you the next event, where you can follow FREE workouts on Thursday the 17th and Friday the 18th of May 2007.

Starting from Friday evening you can join Solo competitions, Duo competitions and Team competitions. If you are not ready to compete, please don’t miss out on this chance to be there as a spectator encouraging all competitors!

Besides our classic competitions we also have our Battle-crew competitions like you all know from the movie You Got Served. The Winner gets 1000 euro!

For all competitors we have FREE drinks during the event.

Also all participants will receive a remembrance of this event as a proof of you being a part of our hip hop culture…..

(Site will be updated in April!!)

All information, rules and inscriptions at

If necessary we can help you with transportation and sleeping facilities.

We can offer bed and breakfast for 15 euro/day close to the venue.

Not participating means missing out on a chance to get to know and respect new people in our hiphop world!

Let the culture live…

Office Bigbang!
+32 498 65 56 07

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