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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jaye Allison dances at the World Famous Cotton Club!

Very exciting news everyone!
Jaye Allison has the pleasure of performing at the World
Famous Cotton Club in Harlem (NYC) Saturday, March 29th as
a 2nd Generation Silver Belle along with the original
Silver Belles during their Annual Benefit Event! Please
put the date on your calendar. Tickets are only $75 and the
seating is limited. The Silver Belles are the original
Showgirls of the Cotton Club and the Apollo Theater from
harlem's golden age. Marion Coles, Elaine Ellis, Cleo Hayes
and Fay Ray are passing the torch of their legacy on to:
Jaye Allison, Mercedes Ellington, Germaine Ingram, Jacqui
Malone, Delphine T. Mantz, Deborah Mitchell and Karen
Callaway Williams. We are placed with the responsibility of
continuing their work to support the efforts of the youth
and especially young women who need mentoring in
development of their futures through our dance and
entertaining efforts.

You will receive all the information on this date with
womens history, very soon. Please come and enjoy what the
film 'Been Rich All My Life' is talking about!!

Jaye Allison
Founding Director, New LEJA Dances & Philly Tap Challenge

1 comment:

Lil Pontis said...

Ms. Allison,
Hello from Lincoln Park Performing Arts School. We are currently editing your interview and would like some background info (a puiblished bio?) on you for the segment introduction.
We will use some photos and footage of the workshop to inhance the interview.
Thank you again for coming to the TV studio. Your insight into dance as an artform will make a great segment.

Lil Pontis
Media Arts
Lincoln Park