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Monday, May 05, 2008

Chicago Sun-Times article featuring Martin "Tre" Dumas

Old friends aren't 'Risky Business' for Tom Cruise
Cruise reunites with Chicago 'co-star' from film
May 2, 2008

BY BILL ZWECKER Sun-Times Columnist
Chicagoan Candace Jordan got quite the thrill Wednesday
afternoon when she ran into none other than Tom Cruise --
along with wife Katie Holmes, baby daughter Suri and
Cruise's mom and sister -- shopping at Neiman Marcus on
Michigan Avenue.
But this wasn't just a normal fan-spots-a-favorite-star
story. Cruise, of course, was here to tape some stuff for
''Oprah'' shows today and Monday marking the 25th
anniversary of his breakout role in ''Risky Business'' --
filmed here in 1983. Jordan, then known as Candace Collins,
happened to have a small part in that film!
Without missing a beat, she walked right up to the actor
and told him about ''co-starring'' in that iconic film.
Among her few scenes in ''Risky Business,'' Jordan had one
that many will remember: ''I was the call girl who broke in
on Tom when he was having his important college admission
interview with the guy from Princeton.''
Jordan, a popular regular with hubby Chuck Jordan on Our
Town's social and charity scene, also told Cruise about a
running gag she has with friends, telling them, ''He
would've been nothing without me!''
The actor loved the joke, took Jordan by the hand and
immediately introduced her to Katie, Suri and the rest of
his family. Though the Cruises were clearly shopping at
Neiman's, Jordan reported there was nary a shopping bag to
be seen, ''just a salesgirl standing there'' -- a Neiman's
personal shopper assisting them during the 90-minute
shopping spree.
While Jordan didn't notice any security guards, there were
two quietly on hand as the Cruises hit various departments,
including women's, shoes and, natch, children's.
Suri was so taken with one outfit, they cut off the tags --
and she wore it right out of the store.
Even 25 years later, Jordan reports, ''I'm still getting
residual checks from the movie,'' in which she was cast a
few years after being named Playboy's Playmate of the Month
for December 1979.
As Candace Collins, Jordan also appeared in the
Chicago-made ''Class'' and ''Smokey and the Bandit, Part
FUNNY FILM: West Side native Robert Townsend has snared
Bill Cosby to participate in his documentary about black
comedians, a project that is really gathering steam. Cosby
joins Chris Rock, Steve Harvey, George Wallace, Paul Mooney
and Katt Williams in the film inspired by comedian and
writer Darryl Littleton's book, Why We Laugh: Black
Comedians on Black Comedy -- a look at African-American
humor and its cultural influence in this country.
ON HIS TOES: Talk about just in time! Given that CBS
quickly canceled ''Secret Talents of the Stars,'' it's
lucky that Chicago dancer Tre Dumas was seen on its only
aired episode -- helping pop singer Mya showcase her tap-
dancing skills. Dumas is now back home co-directing the
Chicago Human Rhythm Project's upcoming annual concerts
celebrating National Tap Dance Day.
'JERSEY' HEADS WEST: It seems appropriate that the latest
production of ''Jersey Boys'' opens in Las Vegas Saturday
-- which just happens to be Frankie Valli's 74th birthday.
The Chicago production of the Tony Award-winning show,
about the rise of Valli and the Four Seasons, continues
here at the LaSalle Bank Theater, with Jarrod Spector
playing Valli.
Bill Zwecker is seen at 5:50, 6:25 and 11:25 weekdays on
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