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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Rhythm Explosion announces it's 10th Year Anniversary!

ATTENTION: Rhythm Explosion is excited to announce its 10th Year Anniversary!

Rhythm Explosion will resume with a blast on July 19th - 28th, 2007 in
Bozeman, Montana.

This year's workshop covers a range of dance forms & diverse
teachings. Students are sure to experience the changing times of dance
traditions, as this year's workshop will incorporate an exciting pulse
of Afro-fusion 'Roots' to a modern breath of classic and contemporary
jazz accompanied by a Latin twist to savor the moment in time.

Rhythm Explosion is honored to have special guests! Tap Masters Jimmy
Slyde & Sarah Petronio will spend the week with us. Along with dropping
in and out of classes throughout the week, Jimmy will be featured at 3
specific events.

Here are some of the classes to look forward to:

Drumming classes that emphasize Cuban Conga technique,
Afro-Caribbean & Brazilian Folkloric Music & Rhythms

Both Brazilian Dance & Capoeira are forms that will allow you to
embody the essence of Brazilian traditions and rituals.

Classic Tap Routines

Improvising in Swing explores the improvisational essence of
jazz & the understanding of the body's ability to communicate through

Afro-Modern Jazz

"Playing" Jazz

Casino Rueda - Salsa

Body Percussion & more!!!

For more details visit our website @ www.

Reminder: Early registration deadline is June 1st 2007! See you there!

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